Guide to Wallpaper and Window Treatments: A Harmonious Nursery

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

Imagine a nursery where every detail whispers tales of wonder and joy, welcoming your little one into a world of imagination. 

The colors, patterns, and textures come together in perfect harmony, creating not just a room, but a sanctuary of creativity and comfort.

This is the magic of thoughtfully selected wallpaper and window treatments—elements that transform a simple space into an enchanting haven for your child.

Together, we’ll embark on a creative journey to harmonize these essential decor pieces in your nursery. It’s about much more than aesthetic appeal; it’s about crafting a space that’s as functional as it is beautiful.

From choosing the right patterns that spark joy and growth to understanding the practicalities of installation, this guide is designed to support you every step of the way.

Join me, Lee Orlian of Teepee Joy, as we delve into the delightful process of bringing your vision for the perfect nursery to life.

Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper

Leafy Beige – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

Imagine the walls of your nursery as the pages of a storybook, each one brimming with potential for tales of wonder, adventure, and joy. 

In this space, every color, every pattern plays a pivotal role in shaping the world where your child’s imagination will soar.

As we delve into the art of selecting the perfect wallpaper for this special room, let’s focus on creating an environment that not only delights the eye but also fosters creativity and growth.

The choice of wallpaper in your nursery does more than just decorate a room; it sets the stage for your child’s earliest memories and dreams. 

That’s why at Teepee Joy, we are passionate about offering a range of high-quality, customizable wallpaper designs.

Our collections are designed to ignite young imaginations, featuring vibrant colors, playful patterns, and themes that range from enchanting fairies to daring dinosaurs.

Whether your vision includes whimsical scenes or educational motifs, our wallpapers are here to make that vision a reality.

But how do you ensure you’re ordering just the right amount of wallpaper, ensuring a perfect fit without unnecessary waste? The process is simpler than you might think. 

First, measure the width of your nursery walls in inches, adding a couple of extra inches to account for any variations.

Then, divide this number by 24—the width of our wallpaper rolls. This calculation will tell you how many rolls you need. 

For example, if your wall is 96 inches wide, you would need four rolls of our wallpaper. Remember, it’s always better to round up to ensure you have enough material for a flawless finish.

Moreover, considering wall height is crucial. If your ceiling height is 9 feet, opting for our 10-foot rolls provides that extra length needed for a perfect floor-to-ceiling fit. 

We recommend ordering an additional 10-15% more wallpaper than your initial calculation. This allowance accounts for any unforeseen variations or mishaps during the installation process, ensuring you won’t be left short.

Also, since slight color variations can occur between batches, ordering all your wallpaper at once guarantees a consistent color throughout the room.

Window Treatments: More Than Just a Background

Butterfly’s Home – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

Windows frame our view of the world, but in a nursery, they’re a canvas for beauty and function. 

They offer a unique opportunity to blend practicality with style, transforming the ambiance of the room while providing essential functions like light control and privacy.

The right window treatments can elevate the nursery’s design, harmonizing beautifully with your chosen wallpaper to create a cohesive and inviting space.

When considering window treatments for your nursery, think beyond just blocking out light. 

Consider how the texture, color, and pattern can complement your wallpaper, creating a layered look that adds depth and interest.

The options are vast, from light and airy sheers that soften the room’s look while letting natural light filter through to blackout curtains that ensure restful naps during the day.

Select materials and styles that echo the theme of your nursery. If your wallpaper features whimsical patterns or vibrant colors, you might choose window treatments in solid colors that coordinate without competing for attention.

Conversely, if your wallpaper is more subdued, a bold or patterned window treatment could add a delightful pop of personality.

Safety is paramount in any nursery design, so opt for cordless blinds or curtains with tiebacks that keep cords out of reach of little hands.

Also, consider the fabric’s ease of maintenance, as nurseries often require frequent cleaning. Fabrics that can be easily wiped clean or machine washed offer convenience without compromising style.

In designing your nursery, view windows not just as sources of light but as integral elements that contribute to the room’s overall mood and theme.

By thoughtfully selecting window treatments that harmonize with your wallpaper, you’ll create a nursery that’s not only beautiful but also perfectly suited to your and your baby’s needs.

This approach ensures a nurturing environment where every detail works together to support both restful sleep and imaginative days.

Harmonizing Wallpaper with Window Treatments

Peaches and Blooms – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

Creating a nursery is like composing a symphony, where wallpaper and window treatments are in perfect harmony.

Just as in music, where different notes come together to create a beautiful melody, the colors, patterns, and textures of your nursery decor can blend to create a space that is both enchanting and comforting.

Achieving this balance might seem daunting, but with a few key strategies, you can design a nursery that feels thoughtfully curated and deeply personal.

When harmonizing wallpaper with window treatments, consider starting with a color scheme that reflects the mood you want to create. 

If your wallpaper features a bold pattern, you might choose window treatments in a solid color that picks up a hue from the wallpaper.

This approach allows the wallpaper to take center stage while the window treatments complement and enhance the overall design.

Conversely, if your wallpaper is more subdued, you have the opportunity to introduce a pattern or texture through your window treatments.

For instance, if your wallpaper is a soft, pastel color, choosing window treatments with a delicate pattern can add visual interest without overwhelming the space.

Texture also plays a crucial role in creating depth and warmth in the nursery. 

Combining a smooth, matte wallpaper with textured window treatments, such as woven shades or heavy linen curtains, can add a tactile element that is both visually appealing and cozy.

At Teepee Joy, we understand the importance of every detail in your nursery. That’s why our collection includes a range of wallpaper and window treatment options designed to work together seamlessly.

Whether you’re drawn to our whimsical fairy tale patterns or the adventurous allure of our dinosaur prints, you’ll find that our high-quality materials and customizable designs allow for endless possibilities in creating your perfect nursery.

For example, our “Enchanted Forest” wallpaper pairs beautifully with our soft, light-filtering curtains in a complementary shade of sage green. This combination creates a serene and magical atmosphere that’s perfect for inspiring sweet dreams.

Alternatively, our “Outer Space Adventure” wallpaper can be matched with navy blackout curtains, offering a bold contrast that’s as functional as it is striking, ensuring your little astronaut enjoys restful sleep.

By thoughtfully selecting and pairing these elements, you can create a nursery that not only reflects your unique style but also provides a harmonious and nurturing environment for your child.

At Teepee Joy, we’re here to help you every step of the way, ensuring your nursery is a place of joy, comfort, and inspiration. 

DIY Installation: Empowering Creativity

 Cloudy Hearts – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

Personalizing your nursery is a labor of love infused with anticipation and excitement. 

It’s a journey that allows you to pour your heart and creativity into creating a space that’s uniquely yours and perfectly suited for your little one.

While the idea of DIY installation might seem daunting at first, it’s a wonderfully rewarding process that, with the right guidance and tools, can lead to professional-looking results.

Here, I’ll walk you through the basics of installing wallpaper and window treatments yourself, offering tips to ensure a smooth and successful project.

Wallpaper Installation Made Simple

Our peel-and-stick wallpaper is designed for ease and flexibility, making it ideal for DIY enthusiasts.

Start by ensuring your walls are clean, dry, and smooth. If you’re working with traditional wallpaper, it’s crucial to apply an even layer of adhesive, avoiding bubbles and wrinkles. 

Measure your wall space carefully and cut the wallpaper to size, allowing a few extra inches for adjustment.

When aligning patterns, take your time to match them up precisely at the seams. A soft squeegee can help smooth out the wallpaper and remove any air bubbles. 

Remember, patience is key – take it one panel at a time for a flawless finish.

Window Treatments with a Personal Touch

Hanging window treatments can dramatically change the look and feel of your nursery. 

Whether you’ve chosen curtains or blinds, start by accurately measuring your window to ensure the perfect fit.

When installing curtain rods or blinds, use a level to guarantee they’re straight, marking the placement lightly with a pencil before drilling. For curtains, consider the length and how you want them to drape; slightly touching the floor can add a touch of elegance.

If you’re installing blinds, ensure they operate smoothly and the slats align correctly for both light control and privacy.

Knowing When to Call in the Experts

While DIY installation is a fulfilling endeavor, it’s important to recognize when certain tasks might require professional expertise.

Complex window shapes, large-scale wallpaper installations, or the need for precise electrical work for motorized window treatments are instances where hiring a professional can save time and ensure safety.

The convenience and satisfaction of transforming your nursery with your own hands are unparalleled. 

Each step you take in the DIY installation process is a step closer to realizing the nursery of your dreams.

At Teepee Joy, we encourage this journey of creativity and self-expression, providing high-quality, easy-to-install products that empower you to create a space that’s as unique and special as your little one.

And remember, we’re always here to support you, whether you’re seeking advice on installation or looking for the perfect design to complete your nursery.

Nurturing Your Nursery's Theme

Abstract Tints – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

A well-designed nursery is a nurturing space that grows with your child, filled with stories yet to be told. 

It’s a canvas where imagination takes flight, and every detail contributes to the tales of adventure, wonder, and discovery that will unfold.

Selecting a theme for your nursery isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about creating an environment that inspires and evolves along with your little one.

When choosing a theme, consider options that are timeless yet adaptable. Themes centered around nature, animals, or classic geometric shapes can easily transition as your child grows.

These themes offer a broad palette for creativity, allowing you to update the space with minimal changes while maintaining a cohesive look.

For instance, a nursery with a woodland theme can mature beautifully with your child, with simple decor swaps as they grow older, from baby animals to more sophisticated forest-inspired art.

At Teepee Joy, we believe in the power of personalization. Our customizable decor pieces, including decorative pillows, wall art, and more, are designed to complement your chosen theme seamlessly.

These elements add layers of texture, color, and character to the nursery, making the space uniquely yours.

Consider integrating personalized wall art that reflects your child’s interests or custom pillows that add a cozy touch to reading nooks and play areas.

These details not only enhance the nursery’s aesthetic but also create a sense of belonging and comfort for your child. 

As they grow, these pieces can be updated to reflect their changing tastes, ensuring the nursery remains a special place they cherish.


1. Can I order wallpaper samples before committing to a full purchase?

Absolutely! We highly recommend ordering wallpaper samples from our collection. This allows you to see and feel the quality of our products and ensure the design and colors match your vision perfectly before placing a full order.

Samples are available for a small fee and can be ordered directly from each product listing on our website.

2. Is the wallpaper easy to install? Can I do it myself?

Yes, our peel and stick wallpaper is designed for easy DIY installation, allowing you to transform your nursery with ease. It’s a straightforward process that most people find enjoyable and satisfying.

We provide detailed instructions and include a squeegee with your purchase to assist in the application. We recommend professional help for traditional wallpaper to ensure the best result.

3. How do I measure my room to know how much wallpaper I need?

With our guide, measuring your room for wallpaper is simple. First, measure the width of your wall in inches and add a couple of extra inches to account for any irregularities.

Then, divide this number by 24 (the width of our wallpaper roll in inches) to determine the number of rolls you’ll need. Always round up to the nearest whole number to ensure you have enough. For example, if your calculation comes to 4.2, you should order 5 rolls.

4. Can the wallpaper be removed easily without damaging the walls?

Yes, our peel and stick wallpaper is designed to be easily removable, making it perfect for renters or anyone who likes to change decor frequently. 

It can be taken down without damaging the walls, allowing you to update the room as your child grows or your tastes change.

5. How can I ensure the wallpaper and window treatments will match or complement each other?

Our Teepee Joy collection offers a wide range of designs and colors that are meant to complement each other seamlessly. When selecting wallpaper and window treatments, consider the overall color scheme and theme of the nursery.

For a harmonious look, choose window treatments in a color that picks up a hue from the wallpaper. For a bolder statement, select a contrasting color or pattern that still ties into your nursery’s theme.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

Creating a sensory room that grows and evolves with your child is indeed a journey—one that’s imbued with love, care, and a generous dash of creativity.

It’s about more than just selecting decor; it’s about weaving together a tapestry of experiences that will support, soothe, and stimulate your child through their developmental milestones.

At Teepee Joy, we understand the profound impact that a thoughtfully designed sensory room can have on a child’s well-being and development

Our mission is to provide you with the tools, inspiration, and support needed to create a space that resonates with your child’s unique spirit and needs.

Are you ready to embark on this transformative adventure? The path to crafting a sensory space that’s not only visually enchanting but also profoundly nurturing for your child’s development begins with a single step.

Browse our curated collection of sensory-friendly wallpapers, designed with the utmost care for safety, quality, and aesthetic appeal. 

If you’re looking for something truly unique, consider ordering a swatch to see and feel the quality and design of our wallpapers up close.

If you need personalized advice or have questions about creating the perfect sensory room, I am here to help. Schedule a video consultation, and let’s discuss how we can bring your vision to life.

Together, we’ll navigate the journey of creating a sensory room that’s a haven of exploration, learning, and comfort for your child.

Let’s create magic, one wall at a time, transforming everyday spaces into worlds of wonder and joy for your little ones.

Your child’s sensory room is more than just a place; it’s a nurturing environment that will shape their understanding of the world and support their growth every step of the way.