7 Car-themed Nurseries That Make Hearts Race

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

There’s something about four-wheeled automobiles that makes babies, toddlers, kids, and grown-ups like them. Some adults even collect not just the toy version of cars but the real thing.

So, if you’re one of the car enthusiasts out there, there’s no other perfect theme to decorate your little one’s room other than the car theme.

Enjoy the ride as you discover different vintage, race cars, and modern car-themed nurseries that will be loved not by just babies but adults too.

So read on, and find the nursery that will inspire you to start your baby boy’s space.

1: Car-themed Nursery with a Gallery Wall

Source: @mycozymodern

This spacious, car-themed nursery ticks all the checks to create a cozy space. The placement of the wall art looks like it’s from an art exhibit that draws your eyes.

The double covering of the windows makes it ideal for naps and sleep time. Finally, the road-printed area rug complements this room’s theme, making it the perfect piece for the space.

2: Blue Car-themed Nursery

Source: @mrcurtiselmy

Be inspired to create a space that looks like it’s from a magazine with this stunning nursery. The mixture of different patterns is well-achieved.

Don’t forget the different textures in the room, too. All these elements give contrast and visual interest to the room.

You’ll never get bored wherever you look because even the ceiling has a mesmerizing design!

3: Board and Batten Car-themed Nursery Room

Source: @katieleanne325

DIY-ing a board & batten wall and decorating with decals is a cost-effective way to update the look of your little one’s room.

If your child outgrows the design of the decals, you can easily remove them. It shows that you can create a trendy space without spending a lot.

Let this nursery be your inspiration!

4: Truck-themed Nursery Room

Source: @irocinteriors

Instead of counting sheep, this little one counts trucks to fall asleep, and this mama gave her child the nursery room of his dreams.

Aside from that, the room’s colors and style will grow with the baby, making design updates easier when the baby grows. In addition, the blue striped area is an excellent way to add a pop of color to the dark-colored room.

It gives off a playful vibe that is perfect for a baby.

5: Vintage-themed Baby Boy Nursery

This mama did not just stick with cars. She also explored and decorated her little one’s changing area like a garage. Plus, the vintage car plate collection is the highlight.

The shelving has a rustic feel that goes with the vintage theme. The creativity is at full speed in this room! Each corner shows how ideas can turn into a dream nursery.

6: Race Car Themed Nursery

Source: @mjhomeinterior

The colors black and white dominate this nursery, but the combination of patterns and textures make it stand out. The dots wallpaper gives this room a youthful and playful look, and the gingham bed cover perfectly pairs it.

The crib, moldings, and tufted ottoman are subtle ways to add texture. Follow this mama if you want to create a space rich in visual interest!

7: Beige Car-themed Nursery

Source: @kristenmecker

This nursery is proof that there is beauty in simplicity. The car theme is presented through simple wall arts, car figurines, and bedsheets. You don’t have to go all out in creating a themed room, but it will work out perfectly fine.

Also, I love how this mama organized the place. Everything has a designated space making it clutter-free. That isn’t easy to maintain in a nursery!