13 Eye-catching Rainbow-themed Nurseries

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Rainbow Themed Nurseries

Nurseries and kids’ spaces are one of the most fun to decorate since you get to play and experiment with colors compared to other rooms in a home.

When talking colors, there’s no perfect theme to decorate your little one’s room other than the rainbow theme! Also, you won’t have difficulty finding the ideal decor fit for the space with all the readily available rainbow-themed decor pieces.

Get ready to be inspired to turn your baby’s room into a space filled with different hues. Read on to get some ideas on how these designers and moms styled these babies’ rooms to perfection.

1: Hand-painted Rainbows

Setting up this nursery may have taken so long, but you’ll see the greatness in the details. Instead of decorating with decals, this mama painted each rainbow using a stencil.

Talk about willpower to give her little one the best there is. Anything that is hand-crafted gives off a certain charm to a space. We all love a personal touch!

2: Blue Monochromatic Rainbows

From straight lines to curved lines, it’s all in this room. The straight lines from the crib, sofa, and wallpaper are dominant, and the curved lines from the wall art and curtains balance the space.

Each piece found in this nursery is so well thought of; props to the designer!

3: Rust Color Scheme

If you’re looking for a unique color scheme for a room, check out this space that utilizes an earthy tone. The furniture pieces and the white wall added balance and brightened the area, creating visual interest.

You rarely catch nurseries with this color scheme, but you’ll want to copy this look after seeing this cozy set-up!

4: Muted Color Scheme

The subtleness of these colors fits perfectly in a bedroom. The muted hues add a serene vibe to a space, and the wood accents add warmth to the mix.

Combined, it forms the perfect balance that is this nursery! Also, the black spots printed wallpaper adds a playful touch to the room, and the repetition of that pattern in the changing pad cover creates visual continuation.

5: Shared Boho Nursery

Decorating a shared nursery can be challenging because of a room’s size constraints. You must carefully consider a crib, changing table, and a glider’s size.

However, this mama carefully planned the placement of each piece of furniture. As a result, you’ll see the perfect balance between negative and positive spaces. Even though it has two cribs, it doesn’t look cramped.

6: Minimalist Rainbows

Consider decorating with wall decals if you’re planning to freshen up a space without spending too much. You’ll be able to add the design elements you want, and you don’t have to paint the whole area to get a new look like what this mama did.

Another detail that I like about this space is that the wood accent’s warm colors and different textures all over the nursery make it cozy—a perfect sleeping abode for little ones!

7: Blushing Rainbows

Staying at this nursery will make the baby feel like she’s in the sky with these rainbows and clouds. Even though the space is small, it has a lot of the much-needed storage space for baby rooms.

Also, you’ll see continuity in the rainbow theme with the prints on the storage bins—a perfect touch to stick to the room’s design!

8: Boho and Rainbows

Source: @ashleymerry

This texture-filled nursery is a boho paradise! The different hues from the wallpaper liven up the room. The tinted pampas grass doesn’t just add an organic feel to the room but color too.

Adding decor made from natural elements is a way to bring the outside inside. As a result, you’ll also get that calming and relaxing room look—what the boho style aims to achieve.

9: Rainbows and Llamas

Source: @meganeweber

Every detail is a big deal when decorating a space, and this mama made sure that she chose each one flawlessly. The area rug’s color scheme perfectly matches the nursery’s accent wall.

You can also see different pink shades in the windows, wall art, changing pad, and blanket. Visually, each piece made this room have a harmonious look.

10: Contrast of White and Brown

The rainbow details and the throw pillow covers are beautiful ways to add colors to this white and brown-dominated nursery.

The curved lines from the rainbows balance the solid straight lines from the wooden panels, balancing the room’s look and giving a feminine touch to the space—creating the perfect space for a baby girl.

11: Lilac and Rainbows

The light purple tint of this nursery gives off a royal feel. Plus, the soft cool hue creates a calming and soothing effect for your little one.

The dark and light gray colors from the bed cover, chair, carpeted flooring, and changing pad make it look more sophisticated. Transforming this room into a big girl room would be easy since these colors would grow with your kid.

12: Neutral Walls with Colorful Rainbows

Source: @snberning

Every decor piece in this nursery is a blast of hues. It matches the rainbow theme. I love the touch of pompoms and tassels. They don’t just add an extra touch of colors but texture, too, which adds visual interest to the space.

It looks fun and playful, making it the perfect touch for a baby’s bedroom. Every detail in this nursery screams adorable!

13: Earth-toned Rainbows

Source: @conniesavage_

Incorporating the colors of the earth into your little one’s room gives you a headstart in creating that warm feeling space and is also proof that decorating with neutrals is never dull.

In addition, the blush accents from the play mat, blanket, and mattress cover give this room an appealing subtle touch that adds a feminine feel to the space.