21 Popular Nursery Themes You’ll Love To Recreate

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
21 Popular Nursery Themes You'll Love To Recreate

Sticking to a nursery theme is a great way to achieve a coherent decor tone for your little one’s nursery. Also, you have to regard your baby’s safety and comfort in choosing the pieces for the room. 

So whether you want to redecorate or you’re an expecting mom, this list of nursery themes will get you inspired.

The nursery is your baby’s first personal space; you might as well make it the best room in the house. So be prepared to be in awe of these nursery designs.

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1: Adventure-themed Nursery

Source: @dahled_up

The first thing that caught my eye in this nursery is the map mural. Imagine all the endless stories about each continent that this little one would hear and learn. 

Oh baby, the places you will travel to when you grow up!

2: Boho-themed Nursery

Source: @madkstally

boho-themed room is all about natural materials and layering of patterns and texture. 

If you want to achieve that fresh and inviting bedroom, you should get tips from this mom because she nailed it!

3: Beach-themed Nursery

Source: @peyton.baxter

Surfs up! This nursery will wash your blues away. The combination of the seafoam wallpaper and surfboard decor perfectly sums up the beachy vibe. 

Also, check out the crib. The transparent rails do not disrupt the view of the accent wall. This mama has an eye for style!

4: Cloud-Themed Nursery Room

Source: @jillian.harris

The soft textures of clouds combined with the cool undertone of blue is the formula for a calming feel for a nursery. 

This room will not only be relaxing for the baby but for parents, too-especially for late-night feedings and diaper changes.

5: Desert-themed Nursery

Source: @paigerwilliams

Every corner in this nursery excites me. Wherever you look, something looks so interesting! The fox lady mural best defines: “go big, or go home.” 

There may be a lot of details, but each decor fits perfectly. If you’re aiming for a maximalist interior room design, you better ask this mama for suggestions!

6: Dinosaur-Themed Nursery Room

Source: @the_martwyns

Dinosaurs are a favorite choice for a boy’s nursery. However, this shared room proves that it’s for girls, too. 

The forest green and pink colors make it the perfect combination for a twin’s room!

7: Farm-themed Nursery

The rustic vibe of the colors used in this room makes it look chic. The fun puns in the wall arts are an excellent way to add a touch of humor to the room. 

If you’re looking for a theme that goes well with your farmhouse home, check out this theme!

8: Floral-themed Nursery

Don’t be afraid to play with color when designing your little one’s space. The contrast between the wallpaper and the black walls makes the floral details stand out

In addition, the hints of pink soften up the room’s look. Overall, I love the contrast in this space!

9: Fruits-themed Nursery

Source: @dregeorgantas

You can bring a slice of the Amalfi Coast inside your home by decorating the nursery with these citrus fruits. 

I love how this mama used the lemons and oranges; it looks so refreshing. With this room, you’ll feel that it’s spring all year round!

10: Hot Air Balloon-themed Nursery

You can often see hot air balloons as decors in adventure-themed nurseries. But in this room, hot air balloons are the star. 

There may only be two colors in this nursery, but it does not stop it from looking gorgeous.

11: Jungle-themed Nursery

Source: @chelseadconner

The animals are the most crucial detail for it to be called a jungle-themed nursery. The wall arts and the animal ornaments got you covered for that! 

In addition, the woven baskets and live plants are an excellent way to introduce natural elements to the space. 

Overall, this nursery may look simple, but it is eye-catching!

12: Leaves-themed Nursery

Source: @debbiemarott

Leaves are a lovely way to decorate a nursery. Depending on the room’s color scheme, you can choose from different colors like red, yellow, green, and brown. 

If you want a room that draws you closer to nature, decorating with leaves is the way to go.

13: Mountain-themed Nursery

Source: @kelpeif

The effect of the ombré accent wall in this nursery steals the spotlight. The nature vibes from the mountain range combined with the cool tone from the blue gradient of the mountain range set up a cozy atmosphere. 

Any baby would have a restful slumber in this space!

14: Night Sky-themed Nursery

You won’t hesitate to paint the nursery black after seeing this room that flawlessly represents a starry night. The neon sign name display completes the glamorous look. 

Everything about this nursery glimmers; it’s hard to look away!

15: Ocean-themed Nursery

Source: @theroslinhome

If you’re going for an under the sea paradise, this is it. The scalloped walls bring out a wave-like illusion that goes well with the sea creatures

Also, the rattan turtle and whale plush are adorable additions that complete the room’s overall look.

16: Safari-themed Nursery

Being exposed to animals at an early age makes your little one appreciate the wildlife. 

The mural combined with the earthy colors in this room set the tone like you’re in the wilderness. 

The safari scene may be full of action, but this room looks cozy!

17: Space-themed Nursery

Source: @david.warner23

Some mamas give their little one stars, but not this mama. She gave her baby the galaxy! 

When designing a space-themed nursery, you don’t have to fill up every nook with stars and planets.

This room has not one but two accent walls. In this way, you don’t have to go heavy in hanging wall arts!

18: Star-themed Nursery

Source: @rtgdesigns

This nursery may be star-studded, but your baby is still the brightest star. The gold accents in this room make it more stunning. 

In addition, I love how the pink wardrobe adds a feminine touch. The small details in this nursery will never be left unnoticed!

19: Rainbow-themed Nursery

Rainbows can genuinely turn a frown around. Just looking at one makes me smile. I love how this rainbow frames the crib. 

It gives the illusion that the baby is the pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. Also, the pastel colors in this nursery make the room look more adorable!

20: Tropical-themed Nursery

Source: @brooklynn_88

If you want to feel like you’re in paradise every day, decorate your little one’s room into a tropical oasis

The rich colors of the accent wall draw all the attention. The rattan details from the light fixture, ottoman, and side table tie the natural look of the room.

21: Woodland-themed Nursery

Source: @bri.willi_

The accent wall of this nursery feels like you walked out of a forest. The bear and bunny prints tie the woodland-themed room together-perfectly illustrating the animals and their untouched habitat. 

Everything in this nursery looks so natural, making me love it more!

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