31 Fantastic Reading Nook Ideas that Will Get Them to Read

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

If you’re constantly searching under beds and couches for your child’s books… if you’re struggling to get your child to find reading enjoyable, you might be able to solve both of those issues with a fun reading nook for your child.

Kids who learn to love reading early will continue to make reading and learning a part of their lives for a long time. You can foster that habit now by turning reading time into something they actually want – even beg for!

I’ve looked out over the internet and collected up some of my absolute favorite reading nook ideas, and I’m so thrilled with what I found.

On this list, you’ll see everything from robust, all-weekend DIY projects, to spaces you can create with a quick trip to the thrift store. No matter your skill level, your budget, or your square footage, there’s something here for you.

So without further ado, here’s my list of the best reading nook ideas out there!

Summer Reading Nook

Parents always go into the summer with the best of intentions. They want to create lots of space for outdoor play and learning, but convincing a child to do either when there are so many iPads or videogame consoles around can be difficult.

That’s why I love this outdoor reading nook so much. It’s comfy, shaded, and offers just enough space for your little one to exercise their imagination. Visit source…

Underused Closet to Comfy Reading Nook

This page offers a really fantastic weekend DIY project: turn an underutilized closet into a comfy kids reading nook idea.

By using the existing structure, you don’t have to worry about taking out any walls, or any of the other scary parts of home renovation.

Simply use what is already there to create towering bookshelves and a comfy place to sit. Visit source…

Under The Stairs Reading Room

If you have storage space under your stairs, it might be tempting to use it for winter boots, the vacuum, or holiday decorations, but take a look at what this clever family did with the space instead.

‘By adding some cheery handmade decor and stringing in a strand of white holiday lights, they have created a fun and clever reading hideaway. Visit source…

Playful Book Nook

Here’s a great tutorial for creating a “book nook” without doing any construction at all. By utilizing soft textures like area rugs, a beanbag chair, pillows, and a bed canopy, you can turn any corner into a partially closed off reading area.

Simply place a well-stocked bookshelf nearby, and your child will spend many afternoons flipping through their favorite books. Visit source…

Source: howdoesshe.com

Reading Canopy

For those with a knack for sewing or fabric work, this project is for you. This tutorial takes you through how to construct your own reading canopy from simple materials like gauzy fabric, a hula hoop, hangers, and ribbon.

This is another great option for anyone who isn’t exactly thrilled at the idea of breaking out hammers and saws, but still wants a comfy place for their child to read. Visit source…

Reading Nook Plus Gutter Bookshelf

This reading nook splits the difference between the big construction projects, and the projects which require no building whatsoever.

By using the corner of a room and adding a few strategically placed pieces of wall shelving, you can create a space for reading, playing, and for displaying all of your little one’s favorite books. Visit source…

Adorable Reading Nook

A canopy, a curtain, a comfy floor mat, and book display shelves all come together to create this adorable reading nook which would fit nicely in any room.

If your child prefers to read while laying down, fully stretched out, this design may work better for you. I love the idea of adding holiday lights to brighten up the space, and make reading easy. Visit source…

Papasan Chair Book Nook

I love how clever and thrifty this idea is. If you can get a hold of a Papasan chair (the wide circular chairs meant for reclining) you can use both the seat cushion and the frame of the chair to create a comfy, and partially closed off book nook for your child.

Take a look at what these crafty DIY-ers did, and see if it might work in your home too. Visit source…

Modern Reading Space

This website offers up a tutorial for how to make a semipermanent reading nook which can grow with your child.

By using comfortable pillows, seating, rugs, a canopy, and some book display shelving, you can create a great place for your child to read throughout the years.

This would also make a great spot for completing homework as a child gets older. Visit source…

Source: hunker.com

Playhouse Book Nook

Another great closet transformation. This one includes an elevated platform to fit a cushion or small mattress, storage space underneath, and fabric curtains instead of a door.

I’m sure the space will end up pulling double duty as a playhouse and a comfy spot for reading. It’s a really great use of space, and a fun way to encourage reading. Visit source…

Floating Fort

I like the way this DIY-er thinks. This closet has been turned into a reading nook and play fort by simply elevating the reading area up off the ground like a loft bed, and including a small ladder.

You’ll never have to convince your child to spend time with their books when it’s this much fun. Take a look and see if this might work in one of your own closets at home. Visit source…

Wooden Reading Nook

Upcycling, anyone? These crafty parents made excellent use of wood pallets to create a triangular elevated reading seat in a corner.

The versatility and availability of wood pallets makes this a very budget friendly project for those willing to contribute the elbow grease. Take a look at their super cute idea for book storage too! Visit source…

Source: kojo-designs.com

Hanging Chair Reading Nook

Reading time is play time thanks to this very clever hanging chair design. ‘

This blogger takes you through the step-by-step process of creating a comfortable reading chair from scratch, and then suspending it from the ceiling.

The ability to swing back and forth a bit while reading just sounds so relaxing. I think I want one for my own room! Visit source…

Reading Nook in a Closet

By re-purposing an underused closet, this family followed a very simple design to create a semi-secluded and very comfortable reading nook.

No carpentry required, as the cushions are simply piled on the floor, and the door is replaced with curtains.

This is a simpler and more approachable design than those which require the building of shelves or platforms. Visit source…

Cozy DIY Reading Nook

This is a really unique design from the Home Depot. This reading nook is shaped like a quarter circle – so imagine this is more like a “reading tunnel.”

Those who are confident in their carpentry skills should definitely check this out. I really love the statement this design makes, and how it would work really well in rooms for boys or girls.

I know I would have spent hours reading in a book nook like this. Visit source…

Comfy Closet and Reading Space

Some people are understandably hesitant to give up an entire closet just for reading space, and I completely understand that. That’s why I love this design so much.

This family came up with a way to split the difference. On the bottom is the comfy and cozy reading nook, and on top is space for hanging clothes and storage bins.

It’s a very clever way to split the space and get the best of both worlds. Visit source…

Narnia Wardrobe Reading Nook

I don’t think it gets more thematically appropriate than this: a wardrobe transformed into a reading nook, and painted up to look like Narnia.

Those with a bit of artistic skill will absolutely love diving into this beautiful project. This is sure to be an heirloom piece that gets passed down through the generations. Beautifully creative idea! Visit source…

Source: blesserhouse.com

Behind the Door Book Nook

This family made great use of that very underutilized spot in every room: the space behind the door.

By using very low profile shelving, and easily movable furniture like a beanbag chair, you can transform this area into a special place for reading and not just a blank spot on a wall.

What I love about this design is its simplicity, and the fact that it will work in any room. Visit source…

Reading Nook with Wood Planks

This family transformed and otherwise awkwardly placed alcove into a beautiful reading nook with reclaimed wood planks making up the back wall.

The homeowners guess that the original purpose of this alcove was for the TV, but naturally it was built at a time when TVs were much smaller. Rather than letting this unique space go to waste, they changed it into something really remarkable. Visit source…

Book Nook with a Built In Bench

In case you haven’t noticed yet, transforming closets into reading nook is a very popular idea.

This tutorial teaches you how to go about creating a built in bench for your closet book nook.

This can add a more polished and intentional appearance to the space, and in some cases can even be used for additional storage. Really cool project! Visit source…

DIY Cozy Reading Fort

Certainly, were not all confident in our carpentry skills, which is why this next design offers an easier and less intimidating option.

‘By placing a comfy chaise cushion in a corner, and constructing a bed canopy, this DIY-er created a cozy reading nook idea for her little one without ever breaking out a hammer or saw. Visit source…

DIY Reading Nook

A table, two chairs, and attractive storage basket, and a light. What more do you need? As much as I love the built-in nooks, sometimes these modular setups are really great as well.

Perfect for apartment dwellers, or anyone who just doesn’t feel like making permanent changes to their room. You can still set aside a small space for reading without drilling into the walls. Visit source…

Closet Book Nook

This blog has aggregated several closet-to-book-nook tutorials in one place. I always find this helpful because this way you can get a good sense of what will and won’t work for your particular setup.

Definitely click over to this blog, take some notes, and see if you can come up with a plan that works for you. Visit source...

Farmhouse Style Reading Spot

Those who love a good DIY carpentry projects will love taking a look at this step-by-step guide for converting a closet into a reading nook.

This is a great project for those who are doing a complete room renovation or who are moving into a new home for the first time. If you’re ready for a complete overhaul, check this out. Visit source…

Outdoor Reading Space

I do love a good outdoor reading space! This is such a cute idea, and there’s plenty of room for multiple kids.

This design is almost like a portable pergola complete with lighting, comfy cushions, and lots and lots of reading material for little minds.

Get the kids some fresh air, and get them reading with this lovely setup. Visit source…

Source: worldmarket.com

Nursery Closet to a Book Nook

I like this tutorial because it walks you through how to take a smaller closet (like one found in a nursery) and work with the space you have.

For narrow and/or shallow closets, you can still use that area for a great little reading spot for your kids. Check out this page and see how they did it. Visit source…

DIY Sensory Reading Fort

This is a cool idea. Using PVC pipe and fabric, this mom made a lightweight, portable reading “fort” which helps her kids block out extraneous sensory input.

This is great for the kids who are more easily distracted, or who need a quiet space to calm themselves down a bit. Great idea, and very easy to make yourself. Visit source…

Family-Friendly Reading Nook

Here’s another example of a homeowner making the best use of an awkward space.

This over-sized stair landing had become a “place to drop your coat,” and instead, she turned it into a favorite destination in her home.

Check out the window treatments, and the clever built-in shelving. Great idea, and very creative. Visit source…

Source: bobvila.com

Pottery Barn Kids Reading Nook

This mom is a big fan of Pottery Barn, and she used items available through that store to create a cozy and quiet space in her son’s room for reading and learning.

She used a beanbag chair, a canpoy, and a red wagon as book storage to make an attractive display which matched the décor that the room already had. Visit source…

Simple and Comfy Reading Space

Rain gutter book shelves! Brilliant! This family made a low-profile shelving solution by using rain gutters as clever book storage.

By not having the shelves stick out too much, they had more choices on where to place this setup in the existing room.

Just add a comfy pillow chair and some cushions, and you’ve got a great place to sit and enjoy a favorite book. Visit source…

Built-in Bed Nook with Storage Drawers

Why not combine sleeping space and reading space? This blogger added some built-in shelving and drawers to her child’s bed, then capped the whole thing off with curtains, and voila!

She now has a great spot to sit and read during the day. I love clever solutions which work within the space you already have. Visit source…

Hopefully this list has been as inspirational to you as it’s been to me. Did you get some ideas you can put to use in your own home?

I’d love to hear about it in the comments. Let me know how you plan to create a special space for reading in your child’s room!