56+ Brilliant Kids Bedroom Decor Ideas You Have to See Before Designing Your Child’s Room

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

There’s a reason parents take kids bedroom decor so seriously. First off, it’s an investment of time and money when you first set up the room, so obviously you want to make sure you do the best possible job you can the first time around. 

Secondly, you don’t want this theme to be something your children outgrow too quickly, because then you’ll be redoing this project every few years.

Who has the time for that?

We have a better idea. We went out in search of some of the coolest ideas in kids bedroom decor. Whether you’re looking to incorporate a theme, or simply different color swatches, we found some parents doing brilliant things, and we can’t wait to share them with you.

Whether you’re a hardcore DIY enthusiast who isn’t afraid of large projects, or if you’re simply looking for a few clever and easy ways to add some personality to your child’s room, we’ve got something on this list for you.

Get inspired with these pictures so you can begin narrowing down what you do and do not want to include in your own projects. Perhaps there’s something in this list that will make everything click for you. We hope so!

Leah at @talk_repurposed has redefined the term “fixer upper” by including her children in her DIY renovation projects. Look at the beautiful use of reclaimed wood in this room! Can’t you just see yourself spending happy afternoons and cozy evenings here?

We just love the dreamy atmosphere that Sohni over at @norahhandhome created for her little one. Obviously, we’re huge fans of the play teepee, but there’s so much else going on here! The scattered polka dots on the wall almost seem to make a starfield, and the varying shades of gray and soft pink give it all the perfect touch. Just wow!

Bre Ann at @family_gathers_here has some absolutely charming ideas when it comes to kids room décor. Fun, quirky, and most of all… CUTE! How adorable are those stuffed animals? We’re totally loving that unique wall pattern too. 

Kourtney Rose over at @kokobean has created a nest for her little one that looks to be literally warm and fuzzy. We love the contrasting neutral tones and the oh, so plush area rug. Adorable! 

Who says neutrals have to be boring? We just love what Jamie over at @montgofarmhouse did here with the timeless combo of beige and white. The two focal points of the room are that stunning picture window and the unique lighting fixture. Cool and classic. For daily inspiration on kids room décor, be sure to follow us!

Kerri at @kerricolfer has a stunning example of how you can use neutrals in a baby nursery without making the room look bland. Gone are the days of all-pink or all-blue. Now you can create a timeless room that will grow up with your child. Also, we’re kind of obsessed with that amazing baby swing! How sweet! 

Magdalena over at @experimentingwithdecor has a gorgeous example of how to make a room look soft and feminine. Her creative use of colors and textures give this bedroom a bright and cheery appearance, while also keeping it nice and relaxing.

Well, what can we say… we obviously love play teepees here! Jessica over at @thehomewiththeyellowdoor has made outstanding use of a chalkboard wall a neutral paint theme, and black and white gingham to tie it all together. Well done!  

Krista and Nick at @ this_midwest_nest use neutral colors, black and white sketches, and natural fabrics to bring a rustic, but very cozy look to this baby nursery. Just think of how easy it will be to bring in new design elements as the baby grows up!

Emily’s page @mylushabode is just swimming with great ideas, but we especially love the look of this children’s bedroom. From the framed-out bed (perfect for blanket forts!) to the chalkboard wall, this room feels inviting to kids and charming to us adults.

Listen, we love all colors equally, but we’re also sorta glad we’ve moved away from the overwhelmingly pink rooms that girls used to grow up in. Angie over at @modernmeetsfarmhouse shows us how you can make a room look soft, warm, and feminine using colors like gray, beige, ecru… and yes, a tasteful amount of pink!

How do you strike that balance between “beautifully appointed spaces,” and “the chaos of kids?” Annemarie over at @forthedesignofdecor has a great idea: Lean into it! Look at that genius artwork display space, and those easily reachable storage bins. Bravo! We love it!

Here’s what I love best about this picture: it shows that you can make a striking and cohesive décor theme with just a few well-chosen items, and that’s exactly what Emily over at @weareforeverhome did here. An adorable firefighter themed bedroom for the little hero of the house. 

What kid wouldn’t LOVE this room by @fiveatnumberthree? It has a subtle animal theme, and a totally amazing playhouse bed. The use of neutral colors like gray and white mean this room will grow up nicely with the kids. No need to rip and renew all your hard work in a few years. Keep it timeless!

Lauren at @farmhouseish is just SO good at blending the rustic charm of a farmhouse into a soft and cozy space for her daughters. Lots of natural light and trailing plant vines make this room look like a little secret garden.

Morgan at @_mrs.farren made outstanding use of soft and warm textures for this bedroom décor. We just love how the earth tones warm up the clean and classic white backdrop. What kid wouldn’t love snuggling up here? 

While we will always love the classic nursery themes like teddy bears, there’s just something so fun and modern about this cactus and giraffe combo designed by Stephanie over at @thisisstephanie.

Jessica at @raisingthedouthitts has created a beautifully appointed children’s room in shades of white and gray. That toy bin is everything! We just love the clean lines and minimalist approach.

When it comes to pairing bold colors, we can all learn a thing or two from Katie at @hausmatter. Who would have thought that peachy pink, golden brown, and teal would compliment each other so beautifully? You won’t know unless you try! 

@thesuburbancactus has created a darling outdoorsy theme for her little one’s room, and we’re just loving it! The art of well-chosen and well-placed wall décor is sometimes tricky to master, but she sure did it!

Now here’s some great inspiration for those wanting to warm up a neutral color theme. We just love what Hannah at @hannahquinones has come up with for her little one. Of course, we love the teepee, but look at the natural fibers, the plants, and the pennants hanging from the wall. It all fits together perfectly.

We just love these photos of the room Jordan over at @whatlittleloves created. The warm nautral color theme is great, but we especially love all the attention to detail, like putting the clothing pegs lower down on the wall, or keeping book bins on the floor so little hands can reach them. For more design inspiration, be sure to follow us!

Here’s a great way to make a room look spacious and wide open. Elyse over at @elyse.mccurdy_homedesigns does a great job of bringing focus to one wall, and keeping furniture minimal and complimentary to the theme. Don’t be afraid of dark woods or primary colors! Look what they can add to a room! 

Making that transition from baby nursery to “big kid’s room” can be tricky, but not if you’re Kaitlyn at @katelyndennis_! Look at this perfect blend of grown up sophistication and childlike fun. The main components of the room are timeless. This furniture and bedding will grow up with her child. The items on the display shelves can easily change and grow too, keeping that personalized touch along the way.

Tara over at @tara_st.louis shows us how contrast can really add to a room’s personality. A dark blue wall right next to a tree-themed wallpaper looks outdoorsy and homey all at once!

Jamie at @thenorthernhaven has an adorable nursery set up for her little one! We are loving that dark contrast wall broken up by cheery pictures. The floating shelves make for a great display piece and focal point. Top it all off with some neutral colors and loads of natural light, and you’ve got a lovely, happy spot for a baby to nap, play, and learn. 

Katie at @country.home.charm did the cutest thing in her little one’s room! Look at those stuffed animals! Putting all those bright colors against a gray backdrop gives the room some great contrast and helps keep everything looking neat and sophisticated.

Lyss over at @life.on.weaver designed a dreamy nursery space for her little one, and we just love it! The soft and fluffy textures, the warm neutrals, the abundant sunlight; it all comes together to create a space which looks so snuggly and comfy! 

We’re just loving the use of color in this room. Ashley over at @mapleshadehome has brought in an entire rainbow’s worth of colors, but has toned them down with a neutral wall paint. This way, each piece gets the chance to speak for itself.

How cute is this little play table setup by DeeDee at @polkadottedfarm? That white on ecru look will simply never go out of style. Just add in some friendly bunnies, and you have the perfect setup for the tea party of your little one’s dreams! 

Erin at @erintalley has very enviable, built-in shelving, and she puts it to great use! Without taking up any floor space, she’s able to display on-theme items which add to the already adorable décor. 

A cheery bedroom which gives the look of a wide open space. Check out what Leah over at @talk_repurposed did by using blues and pinks as neutrals. Add a flood of natural light and a fun string of fairy lights, and you have a positively enchanting space.

We just love it when a room theme can be both fun and sophisticated. Check out what Bree Ann over at @family_gathers_here did with this aviation-themed kids room. Clean lines, classic colors, cool artwork. She’s created a room that will grow with her child. Smart! 

Check out what Magdalena over at @experimentingwithdecor did with a black and white color motif! Far from looking harsh, this room looks welcoming, soft, and most of all… super cool! This sophisticated design is sure to age with the kids. No redecorating necessary.

Jessica over at @thehomewiththeyellowdoor gives us a master class in how to keep a room soft and welcoming, even when using bold contrasts like black and white. The soft pink on the bedspread and the neutral sky painted onto the walls makes this a place any kid would want to hang out. 

Check out how Krista and Nick at @ this_midwest_nest added a subtle pop of pink to this otherwise classic and neutral room. From the adorable mounted swan, to the live plant, to the super cool vintage lamp, this understated room just oozes personality. LOVE!

Couldn’t you just die for that bed? Melissa at @Grayrosehome chose this amazing piece to stand in the middle of her sand and black room, and it makes for an awesome focal point.

Morgan at @_mrs.farren does it again! Check out how this SAHM mom of three made a simple and charming toy storage solution for her children’s room. Kid friendly, and oh-so-classic. From the paint theme to the stuffed animals, this is a great example of how to make neutral colors pop.

Look at this kid-friendly reading nook! You already know it’s never too early to begin a love of reading, and that’s exactly what Jessica over at @raisingthedouthitts is encouraging with this pint-sized library. 

It’s every parent’s burning question: “How do I organize all this stuff?” Well, friends, @thesuburbancactus just took us to school. LOL! We are in love with this playroom. From the teepee (obviously!) to the comfy sitting area, to that genius shelving.

Sophisticated shelving, even in kids’ rooms! No, you’re not dreaming. Tara at @tara_st.louis curated just the right blend of books, plants, sports gear and toys to make a statement while also keeping clutter away. 

A sweet play space that’s easy to keep clean and tidy! Nina @diariesofmyhome knows about setting yourself up for success. Put everything in easy to access bins, and cleanup will be so much easier for you and for the kids!

A sweet nursery for a sweet girl! Ashley over at @mapleshadehome has made great use of soft colors like white and pink, and also created an amazing accent wall. To get that look for yourself, you could go with reclaimed wood, or you could even use a patterned wallpaper! 

SUCH a great idea! We love it when books themselves can become part of the décor, and that’s exactly what Erin at @erintalley has done with this clever mini library. Favorite books will always be within easy reach. 

Here’s everything we love about this pint sized library from @tara_st.louis: it’s easily reached by little hands, it doesn’t take up any floor space, and it makes the books themselves part of the wall décor. Clever on all counts!

Worried about fitting two twin beds into a small space? Don’t be! Nina at @diariesofmyhome shows us how it’s done. By keeping the walls neutral and uncluttered, she creates a sense of space – yes, even in a room with two beds!

Loft beds are so smart for smaller spaces (not to mention the fact that kids just think they’re super cool!) It helps create space underneath for a desk, shelving, or even just for play. Ashley over at @mapleshadehome did a great job with this room from the color theme to the wall décor! 

Obviously, there’s a lot to love about a swan in a tutu. What a cute and fun way to add some personality to a room by @erintalley – because after all, aren’t kids just bursting with personality 24/7?

Totally cute! Melissa at @Grayrosehome has come up with a theme which brings in cheery colors like pink, aquamarine, and gold against a neutral background. The end result is fun and sophisticated.