5 Refreshingly Cute Yellow and Gray Nursery Ideas

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
5 Refreshingly Cute Yellow and Gray Nursery Ideas

The combination of yellow and gray is such a delightful sight, and you can see it in these nurseries.

The brightness of yellow lifts up the color gray, and gray tones down the intensity of the color yellow. These shades put together makes any room fresh like sunshine!

I have rounded up these photos, so you don’t have to spend countless hours to find the perfect nursery that suits your taste.

So whether you’re looking for room inspiration that fits a boy, girl, or a gender-neutral space, check out these nurseries because you are in for a treat!

1: Cloudy with a chance of sunshine.

Source: @zekibilal_

This nursery may be cloudy, but the accents brighten it!

The tiny details from the clouds give this room an exciting look; you’ll never get tired of staring at the wall.

Yellow is the perfect brightness that this room needs to add depth to the three neutral hues present in this room.

2: Designing with the classic: chevron.

Source: @mamiscris

The chevron accent wall and the yellow color elements scattered around the room give this nursery dimension.

Each detail in this space feels just right, making it feel homey – and that is what every mama’s goal is in designing a nursery.

All I can say is this mom hit the jackpot in decorating this space!

3: That's one gigantic rainbow!

Source: @lisaweaverhome

You see love painted all over the room, and it’s too hard not to notice!

This mama knows the best way to express her love. The bursts of color all over the room make a statement. The color yellow is on all height levels from ceiling, wall, and floor.

So if you’re looking for a space like a ray of sunshine, this is it!

4: Pass me the mustard.

The balance between this nursery’s negative and positive space is on point.

As the little one grows, the baby will have a safe space to practice walking and crawling. Also, the wall molding is at a perfect height.

If the break is through the center, a room will appear shorter than it is.

5: When life gives you lemons, make a pretty room.

Source: @hometheoryaz

Bring out your glasses because this nursery will make you crave lemonade.

The plants give this room another source of good vibes aside from the lemons from the wallpaper.

Also, the touch of pink from the wallpaper and curtains softens up the room’s look.

This space is definitely suited for a bubbly girl!