7 Music-themed Nurseries That Will Rock Your World

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Music Themed Nursery

Music is an art. Each hymn evokes a different type of emotion, and that’s why people can’t get enough of it.

In addition, learning a musical instrument can bring out the passion in people, and because of their love for music, some families use it as a room theme.

These creative parents will open your eyes to the fact that it is possible to decorate your little one’s nursery with anything related to music.

So, read on to find a room that would encourage you to build around a seed item about rockstars, musical rhymes, notes, instruments, and vinyl records!

1: Guitar-rific Approach

Source: @msjennabe

Expect to hear a different song every day with all these records around! From notes, instruments, and vinyl records, this little one’s parents included all elements of music.

Also, check out how they incorporated different types of guitars, too. You could not ask for more because this nursery is a total package!

2: Midcentury Modern Nursery

Source: @mcclainmaiolo

The clean lines from the shiplap accent wall, light fixture, crib, and warm wood tones from the changing table, guitars, and shelves are the easiest ways to categorize this nursery as midcentury modern.

There may not be a lot of musical details in this room except for the guitars and vinyl record covers, but for me, there’s beauty in simplicity!

3: Musical Sheet Accent Wall

You’ll feel how much DIY effort these parents put into this traditional nursery by looking at the artwork near the crib. The vintage look of the chandelier, dresser, crib, and rocking chair matches the space’s vibe.

The traditional look of the nursery and the music theme is a flawless combination to achieve this serene room.

4: Guitar-themed Nursery

This nursery can’t get any more sophisticated. I love the natural feel of the room. Each detail is pleasing to the eyes, from the paint colors to the brown accent decor.

Using nature’s colors as decor is so relaxing! Also, aside from the pop of color, the metal crib is a beautiful way to add variety to the space.

5: Minimalist Approach

From the previous section, you saw olive green with darker colors. You’ll see how versatile olive green is in this section because it looks equally beautiful with white!

This space is bright and airy; it’s nice to dwell in this nursery. Also, the gold accent from the crib is a stunning addition that adds sparkle to the room.

6: Guitar and Piano Themed Nursery

With these musical instruments around, this little one will get inspired to learn how to play!

The softness of blue and the boldness of black are the perfect coordinates. Both colors are easy on the eyes, sure to grow with your little one.

7: Rock that Nursery!

These mini electric guitars are so adorable; you can’t help but imagine your little one posing with them. The subtle decor, natural colors, and crispness of white in this nursery are the perfect choice if you want a room that will grow with your child.

Just change the crib into a bed, and your child is all set!