10 Dreamingly Alluring Butterfly Nursery Ideas

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
butterfly nursery ideas

Butterflies leave a beautiful trace wherever they go, and whatever they touch certainly blooms with classiness. Also, butterflies symbolize new beginnings—it’s the perfect illustration of starting a life with a new addition to the family.

These are just a few reasons why having a butterfly-themed nursery is one of the best options for your little one’s space.

The photos that I have curated will not just put you in awe but will also inspire you on how to decorate your baby girl’s room with butterfly decor.

So read on and follow the magic that these creatures bring!

1: Blushing Butterfly-Themed Nursery

This nursery looks like it is straight out from a fairytale book. The butterfly wallpaper shines, and anyone who glances gets drawn to it, making it a beautiful focal point.

Even though this is a shared space, it doesn’t feel cramped. The two cribs create perfect symmetry, making it easy to achieve balance in the room.

2: Soft and Vibrant Colors Butterfly-Themed Nursery

Source: @kelliwassomart

This mama’s talent is out of this world. The handpainted wall art definitely stood out. The different shades of pink from the bedsheets, painting, & blanket make the room rich in layers aside from the blue rug and curtains.

Don’t be afraid to take risks when decorating with colors. You’ll never know what you’ll get!

3: Gray and Yellow Butterfly-Themed Nursery

This nursery might be from a model home, but you can still draw inspiration from this space. The designer chose a beige with yellow undertones that matches the accent wall.

The color gray tones down the brightness of yellow and the warm undertone of the beige, making all the colors look perfectly balanced together.

4: Lavender and Purple Butterfly-Themed Nursery

Source: @fimaandgila

Splurging on the essential item is the best choice. A timeless piece like the acrylic crib is not just stylish, but it would also last for years—you don’t have to worry about purchasing a crib for your next little one!

Also, the three-dimensional effect that the wall arts have is a beautiful addition to add texture to the space, and enclosing it into acrylic frames is a good idea. Parents won’t have to worry about dusting each butterfly.

5: Blush and White Butterfly-Themed Nursery

Source: @danimataresi

Every element in this room is so charming. When it comes to curating different decorations, this Interior Designer definitely nailed it.

No nursery can get sweeter than this! I love the concept of extending the wallpaper up the ceiling. The baby can always stare and admire the whimsical prints, and it gives the room a unique but beautiful look.

6: Gray and White Vintage Butterfly-Themed Nursery

Source: @tia.mamaria

This nursery is proof that neutrals can work with the butterfly theme. The butterfly prints add playfulness which lifts the space’s energy and makes it perfect for a baby. In addition, the details from the accent table, crib, and frames give this room texture that adds visual interest to the space.

Also, placing a rug near the crib is the perfect solution for sound absorption, given that this room has hardwood floors.

7: White Butterfly-Themed Nursery

Source: @brittventures

Aside from the butterflies, the different natural materials used in this nursery made it closer to nature. The brightness from the natural light makes the room look bigger than it is.

Everything about this space feels so welcoming that you’d never want to leave. I’m sure that both mom and baby will enjoy staying in this butterfly sanctuary!

8: Cool-toned Butterfly Nursery

Source: @mandysmith.80

I’m sure that any baby who stays here will instantly feel relaxed! The cool blue and green tones from the walls make this room look cozy.

The addition of the pink rug completes the space, and the repetition of the colors in the curtains is an excellent way to add more pink, making the room look harmonious.

9: White and Pink Butterfly-Themed Nursery

Decorating a space is easier with the help of decals. You can easily change room themes without spending too much, and it helps bring colors to the room, as you can see in this nursery.

The white wall is the best backdrop for the colors blue, pink, and purple. It creates a contrast that makes all the colors stand out. Also, the canopy will make a baby feel like a princess. So, mamas, make that princess wish come true!

10: Lilac Butterfly-Themed Nursery

The simplicity of the colors and patterns in this nursery is easy on the eyes. You’ll be able to focus on each decor, making you appreciate and adore every bit.

The curtains are a work of art as the wall decor. It does not only add texture to the walls, but it makes it easier to repeat the butterfly theme in the room.