13 Cute and Bubbly Under the Sea-themed Nurseries

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
13 Cute and Bubbly Under the Sea-themed Nurseries

The ocean’s calming ambiance makes it the perfect environment to be in if you want to relax and think happy thoughts. Also, the colors you can see in the sea create an ideal palette for Interior Design.

The calming ambiance and beautiful color palette are one of the reasons why a sea-themed space is a go-to option for nurseries, kid’s rooms, or even a main bedroom.

Read on this list to explore what the sea has to offer. Whether its primary focus is the beach, coastal, nautical, ocean, or underwater-themed nurseries, you will find the best room depending on what you like for your little one.

1: A Peek Underwater

Source: @mach.s

The wall decal looks like a window that gives you an underwater view. Every day would feel like an adventure for the baby who would sleep here!

Also, I love how this mama is not afraid to stray away from the typical pastel nurseries. Instead, she chose to decorate with this earthy terracotta shade, which adds drama to the nursery.

2: A Day Trip to the Beach

You don’t have to travel miles to visit a beach. Instead, you can just create a room in your house that gives you the same soothing feeling.

In this case, this mama decided to design that relaxing room for his little one. This bright and airy space is easy to update. Once your child grows, you can easily swap out decor to change it into another room theme.

3: Shells and Corals

Source: @oakleyshome_

When it comes to the details underwater, it is not always about the sea creatures! The different shapes and sizes of shells and corals and the wall paneling give visual interest in the space.

This room may have only used the colors gray and white, but this mama still created a charming nursery room.

4: Subtle Hints of Underwater Creatures

Source: @interiorbycher

This room is built on the subtlety in details. The diverse materials and shades of pink from each decor provide different textures that keep this room from looking flat.

Overall, each small decor piece combined resulted in a space that is big in style!

5: Under the Palm Trees

Source: @styledbyjemma

The palm trees-printed wallpapers give excitement to the nursery. Neutral-colored prints like this give you a space that would grow with your little one.

In addition, the natural materials of the decor items perfectly match the organic feel of the palm trees.

6: Make Waves

Source: @melmarvelous_

All this mama needs is to play soundtracks of waves crashing on the shore, and this will be the best nursery! The room feels so comforting, from the waves accent wall to the natural materials from each decor item.

The textured rug does not just add warmth to the space but also ties the room’s overall look.

7: Surfs Up!

This gender-neutral surfing-themed nursery has everything that a baby needs, and aside from that, it’s one of the most stylish rooms I have ever seen.

I love that even the area rug has elements that represent the sea. Also, check out the shark-themed stool. Every detail in this room is carefully curated to fit the space!

8: Scandinavian Nursery

Source: @leksisterritt

This nursery strikes a balance between tranquility and play. The wall’s colors provide a soothing feel, and the beautiful sea creature plushies are toys that don’t look like clutter.

In addition, the simplicity of the decor items makes it easy on the eyes, which makes it a perfect environment to soothe an upset baby.

9: Turtle's Habitat

There is no view more majestic than this turtle in its natural habitat! The cool shades of blue and green make this room pleasing to the eyes.

The white ceiling reflects light which brightens and opens up the space, and details like the wicker basket and the sea creatures’ mobile complete the perfect under the sea vibe of the room.

10: Paper Boats

I love how everything in this nursery matches, that even the book covers are color blue.

The underwater theme may not be too elaborate, but details like the accent wall and bedsheets are enough to create a beautiful nursery like this for your little one. All you need are fitting prints to achieve a stylish room!

11: Small in Space, but Big in Details.

The elegant look of gray and blue makes it one of the best options if you want a room with a sophisticated look.

The deep wood tones from the furniture add a modern vibe to the space. If you want a room that will grow with your baby, you should definitely jot down tips from this Interior Designer!

12: White Walls and Pink Details

Source: @leonieathomex

Every decor piece in this nursery is chosen carefully, from the walls to the floor.

However, the pink whale light fixture is my favorite—the best whimsical piece makes both little ones and grown-ups smile. Everything in this space is adorable; it’s the picture-perfect room for a baby girl!

13: Trendy Retro Vibe

Source: @art_z_fart_z

If you think neon colors do not look good in nurseries, this space will prove you wrong. The bright colors combined with black and white provide a stunning contrast in the room and make the accent wall stand out even more.

Every detail in this room makes it look like a tropical island paradise; you’ll just want to sit on the hanging chair and relax!