5 Adventure-themed Nurseries That Sparks Curiosity

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Adventure Themed Nursery

The adventure theme has a lot to offer. You’ll never run out of choices from wildlife parks, animals, and mountain views.

So, start your little one’s adventure in the corners of the room before your baby explores the world.

I have gathered these photos of adorable nurseries to help envision your little one’s space. As you scroll through this article, you’ll also have an adventure!

Read on as we both explore the great outdoors.

1: 2021 Pantone Colors

Source: @lockhousereno

One of my favorite contrast is between yellow and gray. The color gray tones down yellow, and the yellow uplifts the gray.

Talk about a perfect combination! Also, the hot air balloon details do not overpower the room.

One mural and an adorable ceiling hanging are enough to uplift the nursery’s look.

2: Neutral Wonderland

Source: @d4vies.at.home

The details of this nursery are everything. You’ll know that your little one is out for an adventure from the wall arts near the crib to the reading nook!

Since the neutral color is timeless, the color scheme of this room is the best choice if you want a space that would grow with your little one.

3: Textures and Adventures!

This mama’s creativity is on another level, and I adore it. The cohesiveness of the textures and different decors ties the room altogether.

My favorite part of this nursery is the boat-shaped shelves because it adds quirkiness to the room. I love how small details like this one make a room stand out.

4: Mini Mountains

Source: @karen_s_chu

Mountains in nurseries do not always have to be large. The decals in this room are proof, and look how cute these decals look!

I love how lines are constantly in the details. From mountain peaks, zigzag prints on the rug, and arrows from the pillowcase, all tie the room together.

Also, the fox decors are an excellent addition. The pops of color orange caught my eye!

5: Monotonous Nursery

Sometimes, the more, the merrier is not the case when it comes to colors.

There are only a few colors in this nursery, but it does not look boring! It’s all about this mama’s use of all the interesting decor.

The wall arts may be from different stores, but all go well together. It’s so hard to pick a favorite!