13 Strikingly Appealing Nursery Accent Wall Ideas

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

Accent walls do not just add appeal to the room but also provide it with visual interest. So, if you’re looking for ways to spruce up the look of your little one’s room, transforming a bare wall into a feature wall is the way to go.

I have curated different nurseries that will get your creative juices flowing. Whether your ideal accent wall consists of a board and batten, wallpaper, textured wall, or moldings, I have something in this article for you.

Prepare to be in awe of the creativity of these moms and Interior Designers.

1: Mid-century Nursery

Lately, feature walls are all about wooden accents. This designer shifted from the usual and chose to decorate the nursery with natural stone.

A unique setup like this truly stands out. The vintage wall art matches the vibe of the nursery, and the mushroom-shaped ottoman is an excellent addition to add playful elements to the space

2: Balanced Accent Wall

The symmetry of the accent wall is the first thing that will catch your eye. But as you shift your eyes around, you’ll notice the beautiful details.

The stuffed animal heads decor suits this little one’s animal kingdom. The gold crib and fixtures add elegance to the regal space, and the pendant light is the crowning glory!

3: Prickly Nursery

Source: @rocicari

Achieving this nursery through a shared family effort is one of the sweetest bonding experiences, and you’ll feel the love spent on the space.

The elaborate details of the cactus mural make the nursery look like a botanical garden. The wooden accents add texture and color that complete the room’s natural look.

4: Cloudy Nursery

Source: @corinnekutz

This mama wanted to create a calming and enchanting nursery, and she nailed it. The clouds will make the baby feel like he’s floating in the sky, and the cool tone of the color gray gives that soothing effect to the space.

The child who owns this nursery will definitely have the sweetest dreams!

5: Chic Nursery

The style of this nursery makes it a perfect choice if you want a room that will grow with your little one.

The color gray and black accents add class, and the abstract strokes are a beautiful break from the straight lines in the room.

Moreover, the framed animal prints are whimsical details that give this room a youthful vibe.

6: Arc-mazing Nursery

Source: @gosforthhome

The awkward wall was not a hindrance in making this nursery look fabulous. Instead, this mama turned it into an accent wall, making it the room’s star.

The polka dots add whimsy and youthfulness to the space, creating the perfect decoration for her little one’s room. In addition, the arc detail is replicated at the reading nook to establish continuity in the design.

7: Shared bedroom Goals

Source: @sweetleeandco

This shared bedroom for a kid and baby is goals! It proves that the colors orange and black are not just for Halloween but also interiors.

Each side has a different style, giving each child their special corner. As both kids grow, they can change their side with the design they like. In this way, they both can express their individuality.

8: A Bird's Paradise Nursery

Source: @divadesign.ict

The overall look of this nursery screams glamorous. The acrylic crib fad is a trend you’ll see for a long time. So, you can use this crib for your next little one, and it will still be in style.

Its classy and chic look would definitely fit any room theme. Also, I like how the colors of the whole room revolve around the captivating accent wall. It’s the perfect way to complete the look of the room.

9: Babe-bee's Nursery

Source: @all.about.eden

We seldom see bee-themed nurseries, and this theme deserves more recognition. The cuteness and color of a bee are perfect for a nursery.

Yellow is such a bright and cheerful color; it brings a positive vibe suited for a nursery. A bee’s honeycomb does not only look adorable, but its shape can add dimension to a space.

10: Vintage Nursery Room

Isn’t this the sweetest space for a baby girl? The floral pattern gives this room a romantic look, and the pink embossed arcs soften up the ornate details of the furniture.

This nursery doesn’t need wall arts with an accent wall as pretty as this.

Overall, the space is not just aesthetically pleasing but comfy too. Even though the room’s flooring is carpeted, the area rug adds additional coziness to the room and texture.

11: Boho-themed Nursery

Source: @jgrovz

This nursery has all the natural elements, from organic materials to earthy colors!

Even though you can only find two main colors as decor in the space, it does not look plain because of the different shapes and materials that give this room visual interest.

In addition, the greenery from the plants provides a pop of color and acts as an air filter too!

12: Board and Batten Nursery Accent Wall

The accent wall’s color totally fits this little one’s name, and I think it’s adorable. The board and batten feature wall is one of the most uncomplicated DIY projects, and it adds a lot of character to the room.

Also, with this room’s design theme and color palette, this space would grow with a kid. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective decor update, adding a board and batten accent wall to your little one’s room might be perfect for you!

13: A Bookworm's Nursery

It’s never too early to start inspiring kids to love books! The little one who owns this nursery will be inspired to grow up as a bookworm because of the accent wall.

The matching colors of the wallpaper and area rug are an excellent combination. It’s like both were made to be in this space. Props to the Interior Designer who chose these pieces!