9 Inspiring Safari Themed Nursery to Spark Your Imagination

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

Interior design trends certainly tend to change throughout the decades, but the Safari themed nursery has remained popular for a very long time. Why? Perhaps it’s because there’s so much you can do with it, and so many different directions you can take your decorating.

As nursery or bedroom themes go, this one’s definitely full of cool ideas for decor. In fact, it’s practically bursting with ideas, so much so that it can be difficult to rein in a plan.

That’s exactly where this post comes in. We went out in search of some of the best examples of Safari themed nurseries that we could find on social media, and across various design blogs. We absolutely love what we found out there. (In a way, I guess you could say we went on a safari of our own.)

Take a look at the pictures below and see if anything sparks inspiration in you. We’re betting there’s going to be something in here that helps point you in the right direction. Happy hunting, and good luck with your design!

Bed canopies will just always be cool, and that’s a fact that Kaleigh at @kaleigh_caver knows well. This elegant focal point is comfy, fun, and eye-catching. We love a statement piece that’s easy to install!

We always have to shout out good use of a play teepee, and check out what Lee Anne at @prettyoliveinteriors did with hers! We’re loving the bright and airy American Southwest vibe.

This might just be the perfect shade of green for a nursery. Rachel at @lilbabyraerae did a great job coordinating a savanna-themed room with colors, wall hangings, and a few carefully chosen pieces.

Wallpaper is making a very welcome comeback, and we just love the way Maree over at @alittlebitetc used this cream and gray star pattern to perfectly compliment her nursery’s color theme. This is a great way to give a room some personality!

Now here’s a room that plays to its strengths! Karla at @shortcuttravels took that abundant natural light and ran with it. Everything from the paint colors to the orientation of the furniture helps accentuate the sunshine.

Many homes have smaller rooms which make great nurseries. As Ashleigh shows us over at @ashyyx, a little room can still have huge personality. Your baby will spend lots of time in this room, so have fun decorating it!

Totally cool and elegant, this nursery design from Kerryann at @_soulsista__ looks like something right out of a catalog. We love how the neutral colors keep everything looking open and super well organized.

For a while there, wallpaper went out of favor for many. @curiodesign.studio shows us why it’s making a bug comeback. We love how the wallpaper here not only enhances the room theme, but also helps delineate space in a shared room.

Cute, funny, and avant garde, these adorable plush “hunting trophies” give an air of whimsy to this bedroom designed by Tiffany at @prettyrealblog. We always love it when a few well-chosen pieces bring the whole room together.