15 Beautiful and Creative Adventure Nursery Decor Ideas You Are Going to Love

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

One day, your little one will take on the entire world. However, before they get here, is your job to come up with a safe place for them to land after a big day of exploring.Perhaps that’s why so many parents feel drawn to adventure nursery decor.

With such an open ended topic, you can sometimes feel overwhelmed with ideas. Will you go with the campsite, with the woodland scene full of friendly forest critters, with tall mountains and clear blue sky? Certainly there’s a lot to consider with an adventure themed nursery.

We want to help make this process easier for you. We went out (on an adventure, I guess you could say) looking for some truly excellent examples of this design created by real parents just like you. They’ve shared their photos across social media and various design blogs, and we’re bringing them all together.

Whether you are a fearless DIY enthusiast, or if you’re simply looking to add a few finishing touches to a room that’s already been designed, we think you’re going to find some great inspiration in the pictures below.

Baby’s on top of the world with this amazing mountain-themed room. Nicola at @fouratsix has created some lofty heights through a clever use of wall decor and subtle colors. This room will easilly “grow up” with the kids!

20 years ago, people wouldn’t have thought of using black in a nursery, but Kourtney over at @karnerbluedesign shows us how it’s done. We love the depth created by the accent wall and the sophistication brought out by the darker colors. Have you been thinking of using black accents in your child’s room?

Chloe over at @chloemae6 shows us why we don’t need to be afraid of trying out a darker shade on our walls. For years, light colors were the rule, but just look at how modern and open this nursery feels, even with a darker gray!

A pop of color in an otherwise neutral room makes for a great focal point, while also letting you personalize the room. Emily over at @emilythedietitian used seafoam green and baby blue to bring loads of character into this mostly neutral room. 

You don’t need to do a lot to add tons of character and interest to a room. Steph at @stephisawes0me used a mountain design on one accent wall, and found a super cool area rug. Sometimes, one or two touches make all the difference! 

Melody at @melodymackereth stuck to clean, simple lines for her nursery design. When you have a large wall mural, leaving the other walls blank helps to draw the eye to the main focal point. The mobile helps tie the theme together.

Melissa at @bloomfamilydesigns used a few expert touches to turn an adoptive family’s room into a sweeping mountain vista. The accent wall sets the stage, and the Native American style rug brings to mind scenes of the Rockies or the Sierra Nevada. 

@petite_mum_to_be knows how to tie a theme together. It’s totally okay to have more than one focal point in the room, especially when they’re so cool. The mountain motif on the accent wall and the world map area rug make this room stand out beautifully!

So, how can you use a bold or dark color on the walls without overwhelming the room? Lindsey at @peapodandnate has a great idea. Use light colored or neutral furniture, and add in brighter colors with area rugs or bedding. Top it off with a few hand-selected wall hangings, and it totally works!

We always love it when examples of rooms with atypical angles come along. So many people see those rooms as a challenge, but Carlyn at @mama_car2019 shows us that it’s also an opportunity to showcase a room theme.

Ashley at @mapleshadehome shows us that you can totally go monochromatic with your nursery furniture. All you have to do is break it up with some contrasting wall paint, and a few carefully chosen decor items. The end result looks sleek and organized! 

Simplicity and style are the name of the game for Jo at @coldteaandtoast. This is a great example of how a little can go a long way, especially when working with smaller spaces like nurseries. 

We love the comfy and homey Ashley at @mamaneedsamanual created. You can totally picture snuggly story times and lazy afternoon naps. The soothing neutral colors and the rustic wood elements make this feel like a relaxing cabin by the lake.

Worried that a black and white baby’s room wouldn’t be fun enough? Check out what Desain did at @desainkamar_anak. The geometric accent wall, the carefully chosen toys and wall hangings, and the crib itself all come together to create a hip and fun nursery.

Just look at Emily Rose’s @bradylife11 little adventurer deciding where to go next. We love the use of neutrals, letting the white in the accent wall stand out on its own. Very cool idea!