5 Gold Crib Nursery Ideas That Are Fit For Royals

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Gold Crib Nursery Ideas

Gold cribs are often in princess-themed nurseries or rooms that focus on the Hollywood Regency interior decor style. In this article, you’ll see how versatile gold cribs can get.

Each bedroom has a unique decor style to showcase the color gold’s beauty!

These trendy nurseries are proof that gold goes well with anything.

After checking out these stylish nurseries, you’ll want to redecorate your little one’s room! Read on to add to your list of nursery room inspiration.

1: Patterns and Prints

Source: @carfonda

When it comes to patterns and prints, it’s important to have a focal point, and the hand-painted accent wall is the star!

The smaller scale pattern from the wall and the larger scale prints from the rug make it the best complementary combination.

We can all get some inspiration from this mama!

2: Purple and Gold

Source: @makayladawson

The color purple is often associated with royalty. What is the best way to make use of it?

This mama knows! She paired purple with gold from the furniture and fixtures, resulting in a room fit for a princess.

Her little one would absolutely love this room.

3: Woodland Wonderland

This nursery brings the forest indoors. The colors give it an earthy feel, which complements the nursery’s theme.

The rustic vibe that the overall look of this room gives off is like it’s from a cabin in the woods.

Everything about this looks so cozy, making it a perfect place for cuddle time with your little one!

4: Feeling Blue

Source: @gingerxmadison

The blue and white accent wall gives a beautiful visual impact from the nursery’s beige walls.

I also love how both colors are incorporated around the room, which ties together the space.

Also, the gold accents from the decor, crib, and fixtures glimmer—the right amount of pizzazz that any nursery needs!

5: Fairtyle Bliss

Source: @nanlindy

This nursery designed by @nanlindy looks like it’s cut out from a fairytale book.

Can this room get any more stunning? I adore how the flowers descend from the canopy cornice that looks like a crown.

It frames the crib perfectly. Every corner of this room is oozing with elegance. I could not ask for more!