Should Babies Nap In the Dark Sleep Environment?

Should babies nap in the dark?

Yes, nighttime sleep is essential. However, did you know that daytime naps are just as important? Naps are the solution for your little ones to have adequate rest according to their developmental needs. The amount of rest that every baby needs depends on the age group where they belong. According to the National Sleep Foundation[1], […]

How To Create A Dark Sleeping Space For Babies

How to Make Nursery Dark

Sleep is as important as food, whether for babies, children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly. A good night’s rest helps our bodies regenerate cells and recover energy after a long day. On the other hand, lack of sleep makes us moody and fussy. We hate it when that happens! The amount of sleep that we […]

7 Best Colors for Nurseries That Spruces Up The Space

According to Psychological studies, colors play a role in mood and emotion. Yes, these studies had children and adults as the respondents. Regardless, we can also use the results to our advantage – choosing the perfect nursery room color! Colors do not only transform a room’s look. Different colors also evoke a distinctive type of […]

Dealing With an Ungrateful Child? Relax. It’s Normal.

We have all had this moment: Your child is given a present. This could be from a friend, relative, a neighbor – it doesn’t matter. The point is, your child’s reaction to receiving the present has mortified you in some way. You are convinced that the gift giver now thinks you are a bad parent, […]

How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums: Keeping Your Cool, Even When They Don’t

The sweet little baby who used to babble and crawl all over your house is now face down on the dining room floor, screaming and pounding her fists. If you’re like most parents, you are probably watching this scene unfold and wondering “How exactly did we get here?” Learning how to deal with toddler tantrums […]

Paint Colors for Kids’ Room. Can It Affect Mood?

A new baby is on the way – or – you’re about to move into a new home – or – one of the kids has decided they’re tired of the color scheme in their room. It’s happened to me, and if you’re reading this, I’m sure it’s happening to you too. It’s time to […]

The 10 Surprising Benefits of Pretend Play

As a new mom, I was surprised to discover just how early my girls began engaging in make-believe play, just as I am sure many of you were surprised to witness the same thing. When we first decided to follow our dreams, and go into the business of creating beautiful play tents and teepees for children, […]