Should Babies Nap In the Dark Sleep Environment?

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Should babies nap in the dark?

Yes, nighttime sleep is essential. However, did you know that daytime naps are just as important? Naps are the solution for your little ones to have adequate rest according to their developmental needs.

The amount of rest that every baby needs depends on the age group where they belong. According to the National Sleep Foundation[1], newborns aged 0-3 months need between 14 and 17 hours of sleep.

This includes daytime naps since newborns rarely sleep through the night. Older babies aged 4-11 months need 12 to 15 hours of sleep each day.

Babies need to get the required amount of sleep to grow up as the best version of themselves.

Researchers conducted a narrative review, and findings revealed a positive association between sleep, memory, language, executive function, and overall cognitive development in developing infants and young children.

Moreover, an article from Sleep Wise Consulting[2] states that babies who have a healthy afternoon naptime routine sleep better at night than babies who don’t. So, as you can see, the effects of the right amount of sleep for babies are beyond excellent.

On the other hand, what happens when your little ones don’t get the rest they need? Aside from its effect on their overall development, it will also make them fussy.

We all know how hard it is to soothe a fussy baby. It’s not stressful only for the baby but also for the parents! So, what can you do to give your babies the adequate amount of sleep they can have?

One way is by making their bedtime and naptime environments similar. Which brings you to the question, “Should I make the room dark for my baby’s naps?” Absolutely yes! 

Melatonin is a sleep-regulating hormone that is activated when it’s dark. Unfortunately, exposure to light suppresses melatonin’s release, making falling asleep and staying asleep hard.

In addition, lightness and darkness are cues for your baby to know whether it’s time for sleep or it’s time to wake up. So, can you see how important it is to create a dark room for your baby’s nap? 

The most cost-effective way to adjust your little one’s sleep environment is through blackout curtains. Aside from our blackout curtains creating a conducive nap environment, our blackout curtains can also beautify your baby’s nursery.

With over 750 (and growing) different designs and colors, you’ll find the perfect fit for your little one’s nursery. If you can’t find the design you want, you can also design a unique “just for you” fabric pattern.

From one parent to another, you can do this. You can transform your baby’s room into a naptime sanctuary!