7 Best Colors for Nurseries That Spruces Up The Space

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

According to Psychological studies, colors play a role in mood and emotion. Yes, these studies had children and adults as the respondents. Regardless, we can also use the results to our advantage – choosing the perfect nursery room color!

Colors do not only transform a room’s look. Different colors also evoke a distinctive type of emotion. 

Therefore, you should wisely choose what color to paint your little one’s room before deciding. So before you start swiping that paintbrush, check out this list of the best colors suited for a nursery.

1: White - Purity, Cleanliness, Peacefulness

Source: @loraine.pott

A white nursery room will bring a sense of serenity and peace. The soft-colored white walls can make it feel like a haven for the new mommy and baby. 

Also, anything works well with the color white. So you won’t have a hard time choosing what decor to incorporate in your little one’s nursery.

2: Beige - Neutral, Calm, Relaxing

Source: @hostesstori

A beige nursery room is an excellent way to make your baby’s room feel cozy and warm. It goes well with almost every color and will not clash with any decor theme. 

It’s also one of the perfect colors to design a gender-neutral room. This nursery is proof!

3: Blue- Calm, Cooling, Tranquility

Source: @dmak.xo

Shades of blue are soothing, which often calms babies down and makes them fall asleep. 

Here’s a tip, if your baby’s room is small, opting for cool tones like this shade of blue will make the room appear bigger like what this mama did. 

It’s amazing how colors can do wonders on how we perceive space!

4: Pink- Sweetness, Femininity, Innocence

Source: @missloganrose

A precious baby girl deserves the sweetest nursery. The color pink is the best choice to accomplish that girly look. 

Combine it with the color gold; you’ll achieve that glamorous look like what this mom did.

5: Green- Harmony, Tranquility, Peace

Source: @claire_alyce_

Green is always associated with the Earth. Hence, it promotes a calming effect like you’re one with the world. 

If you want to create a nursery room inspired by nature, combine green with natural materials like wood or rattan as this momma has designed.

6: Yellow- Happiness, Optimism, Joy

Source: @jessranger

If you’re looking for a room color that is as bright as your little ray of sunshine, this is it. 

Partnered with white, the intensity of the color yellow tones it down, and this muted shade of yellow hits the perfect balance. 

Also, if you want to add style to the room, this scalloped wall trend is the way to go.

7: Gray- Conservative, Formal, Quiet

Gray is such a versatile color. It’s one of the best colors when designing a gender-neutral bedroom. Timeless and classic, it never disappoints. 

Also, the white ceiling gives the space a glow by reflecting light in this room. Such a nifty way to brighten a space!