11 Black & White Kids Curtains You’ll Want To Grab

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
black and white kids curtains

Black and white are versatile colors that go well with any color. White brightens up any room. Black is bold, and it creates an elegant space with the right combination and decor.

Each color stands out on its own, and if combined, these colors add drama to the room.

In this blog, you’ll see nursery rooms with black, white, and black & white curtains.

Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a boy, girl, or a gender-neutral room, these spaces will undoubtedly amaze you!

1: Luxurious Pink, White, and Black

Source: @sos_interiors_

The pink walls and black furniture and fixtures perfectly match the high ceiling. Also, the white details are a beautiful addition to add depth to the space.

Overall, the room’s look makes this nursery luxurious and chic, fit for the long-awaited baby. So if you’re looking for an elegant inspiration, follow this designer!

2: Splash of Mint

All you need is one move to finish a room’s look, and this nursery sums it up. A pop of color never hurt! The blue shades from the wall art perfectly go well with the accent wall.

These cool colors give the room a relaxing and calming feel that won’t make you want to leave the space!

3: Boho Black and White

Source: @myshamgreen

The sense of harmony in this nursery is on point. Everything is decorated seamlessly, from the repeating natural elements from the crib, wick baskets, and macramé decor to the color black on the walls and curtains.

Also, the natural elements give a break from the monochromatic colors of the room, which not only adds texture and color.

4: Patterns of Black and White

The maximalist approach in this nursery will never get you bored. There’s too much to see and admire!

The accent wall in this nursery is everything; it brings together all the decor in the room.

There may be a lot of patterns in the space, but the room’s overall look still has harmony because it has a common ground, which is the colors black and white.

5: Boho Rainbow Blast

Source: @studio3spaces

Dreamy rainbows are the perfect decoration for a baby girl’s room, and this nursery is proof.

With all the available rainbow decor, you’ll never have a hard time finding pieces for your little one’s room, as you can see in this space.

You can see how invested this mama is in designing the perfect boho-themed rainbow space!

6: Monochromatic With Gold Hints

Source: @jfandcompany

If you’re looking for inspiration that is big in style, this is it. One of the key elements in Interior Design is harmony.

You can easily achieve it by repeating patterns and colors, and you can see that in this space from the mix of vertical and horizontal stripes in every corner you look!

Also, the gold crib is the perfect statement piece. Its metallic shade makes it stand out from all the black and white!

7: Green, Black, and White

Source: @jordenlhodges

You’ll never go wrong in decorating with shiplap, and you’ll see it in this space. The white ceiling is the perfect complement to the dark shade of green from the walls.

It reflects light, making the room appear bright. Also, the rug ties together the room’s look—it matches the curtains and crib!

8: Woodland and Gingham

This nursery’s walls may be neutral, but the accents surely add drama. The tree decals are an excellent way to bring the outdoors in.

Combined with the bear prints, this room is the perfect den for a little cub!

9: Neutrals and White

Source: @alexislburns

Decorating with neutrals is not only classy but also practical. These timeless colors will never go out of style!

You don’t always have to repaint, no matter how old your little one can get. If your budget is tight, you should look into decorating with neutrals!

10: Pink with a Touch of White

Source: @paintandpeony

It’s no question that pink is the go-to color for nurseries. With this nursery as inspiration, you’ll never get a second thought about painting the room pink.

There may be a lot of shades of pink available, but for me, this is the perfect shade for the room. Sulking room pink creates a rustic look, which looks good with the gold decor items in this space.

11: Wood Panels Plus Black and White

The wood panelings in the space do not make the walls appear short. Also, the way the color is divided diagonally instead of the usual different colors per wall makes this room stand out.

I love how the pink rug does not only add coziness to the room. It adds a splash of color which is a perfect balance!