11 Boy Nursery Curtains You’ll Want To Replicate

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Nursery Curtains Boy

Window treatments are a necessary addition to any room. Curtains don’t just add privacy to a space. The right design or pattern transforms a dull room into a stylish one.

Moreover, special variations like blackout curtains, room darkening curtains, and light filtering curtains do more than add style to the room.

These curtains function to darken a room or filter out light.

I have searched for nurseries to inspire you on what curtains would look good in your little one’s nursery.

So better get your notes ready because you’d sure want to replicate these beautiful rooms!

1: Coastal Breeze

Everything is light and flowy in coastal-themed nurseries. You’ll immediately fall in love with the space, from the colors to the decor choices!

The neutral walls remind you of the sand, and the white accessories are the perfect complement. Also, the sea creature wall art is an excellent addition to liven up the room.

2: Midcentury Vibe

Source: @thetinerhome

The contrast between the light and dark colors gives this nursery depth. I adore how it makes the small room appear large by using just colors!

With the correct placement, any space will come into place.

3: Grids and Lines

If you want to design a relaxing nursery, using cool colors is the key. Cool shades from the walls, curtains, and wall art make this space airy and light, giving any room a soothing feel.

Also, I love how the grids are incorporated into the room. It adds texture to the room, which is one of the elements of Interior Design.

4: Neutrals

Source: @kvyounger

This nursery is proof that decorating with neutrals is not boring. The shades of gray in this room give this room a sophisticated look, and the pops of brown add life to the room.

The rug’s colors are similar to the walls plus the furniture. A perfect choice to tie the look of the room!

5: Animal Land

The most popular color for a boy’s nursery is blue. This nursery won’t make you doubt it.

So what’s the best color to pair with blue? Definitely white!

The combination of these colors makes the room look like a sky. Also, the animal wall arts are an adorable addition that transforms this room into a safari-themed nursery.

6: Rosemary and White

Source: @megmariehazel

I love how this mama chose to paint the ceilings white. It reflects light into the room, making it bright despite the wall’s dark green color.

In addition, the wood accents from the room’s accessories are an excellent way to bring the outside in; it creates an inviting and natural ambiance in the space.

7: Toy Story

Source: @mummytomkins

The details in this nursery are in harmony with the theme. Even the curtains are Toy Story printed!

Hats off to this mama for pulling this off. The carefully placed character decals make this room so fun and playful.

You’ll be surprised by what you discover on every corner you look at!

8: Alabama Football

Source: @meganhanff

You rarely encounter nursery themes based on a favorite sport’s theme. It may be rare, but it can be so beautiful like what this mama designed.

Instead of filling the room with footballs, this mama chose to utilize the colors gray, white and red.

In addition, she used the photos of the famous members as wall decors to raise the team spirit!

9: Natural Green

In designing this nursery, Australia was this mama’s inspiration. What better way to showcase the continent?

By filling it up with animals from the place! I love that she painted the walls green and chose brown as the accent color.

Both colors give the room a natural vibe, making the animals look like they’re in their natural habitat!

10: Rockstar's Room

Source: @vanessabisetti

The mid-century modern theme is an excellent way to showcase vintage pieces without making the room look outdated. If you’re into thrifting, you should consider this theme.

Also, the vibrant colors splashed around this nursery makes the room full of life and energy. Fit for a rockstar! This style will definitely grow with your little one.

11: Nautical Adventure

Source: @kalicakdesigns

Get your sails ready because we’re going on an adventure! These are one of the nursery themes that you will never get tired of.

The crisp white and the regal blue create that calming space. Combined with the nautical elements, your little one would want to drift to dreamland!