9 Precious Llama Baby Rooms That Sparks Baby Fever

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
llama baby room

Move over, bunnies. There’s a new fluffy and cuddly star in the nursery decor scene—these adorable llamas!

The presence of these cute creatures in your little one’s room would sure make both baby and parents smile and feel relaxed.

Since many decor options are available, the llama-themed nursery is a rising favorite for a boy, girl, or gender-neutral space.

After seeing the photos I curated, you’ll want to redecorate your little one’s room. So, read on and take your pick on the best one there is!

1: Gender-neutral Goodness

Source: @laurendonahue_

This llama nursery is gender-neutral room goals! Incorporating the different shades of brown in the mix of black and white was a good choice.

It adds variety and diversity to the space. However, I also like how the wall arts match the whole color scheme of the room.

It’s an excellent focal point that introduces the room’s theme.

2: Lively Accent Wall

Source: @vibestostrive

Adding an accent wall is the easiest way to liven up a nursery. You’ll save money on wall arts, too. The money you saved on wall arts will make you splurge on other things, like curtains!

Moreover, I love how the hints of the color orange complement the green shades. It helps put balance in the room. In that way, the colors won’t look like they’re clashing in the space.

3: Boho with a Side of Llamas

Source: @alayton88

Boho is all about accessorizing, and this mama hit the spot. This space’s different textures and materials adopt the “more is more” perspective.

However, despite the abundance of textures and materials, the room doesn’t look cramped up because there are no rules for decorating with boho!

4: Black and Bold Accent Wall

Source: @xxtinee

Going for a black accent wall is the easiest way to add drama to a space. Also, adding white items against the accent wall was the best choice since they contrast with black, making the decor items stand out.

The wicker basket provides visual texture, and the rug builds layer that gives this nursery depth.

5: Cacti and Llamas

Source: @erikanroxy

The combination that you never knew you needed is cacti and llamas. I love how this mama sourced her llama-themed decor.

They’re everywhere, from the wall decal, quilt, and the baby mobile! Also, the cloud set is a charming touch. It does not only serve as decor, but you can utilize it for shelving too.

6: Gray and With Hints of Pink

Gray combined with pink often produces the most beautiful spaces. This room incorporated it with llamas, which takes it up a notch!

I love how the color pink transformed this room into a feminine space. It may only be seen in decor items, but it made a significant change in this room.

7: Natural White and Green

Everything about this room is so inviting and relaxing! The color green gives off a soothing feel, while white makes the room airy and bright.

The different shades of brown used in the decor and furniture add to the natural vibe of the space.

8: Pretty in Pink Llamas

Source: @brooke_a_doo

The color pink is such a versatile color. It would equally look beautiful as a base and as an accent color. Pair it with white; it will result in the sweetest space as this mama designed.

The llama details of this nursery made this space even more pleasing because it added quirkiness to the room.

9: One With Nature

If you ask me, this is the best way to bring the outside in. The cactus mural is a beautiful sight, and the llamas are an excellent touch to incorporate animals into the room.

In addition, the wood details add more natural elements to the already awe-inspiring space.