13 Breathtaking Gender-neutral Woodland Nurseries

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

Studies show that spending time outdoors is essential for a child’s growth. The benefits of being exposed to nature at a young age are plentiful, from mental to physical. However, your little one cannot be outside the whole time. So, better bring the outside in by decorating the nursery with the woodland theme.

These gender-neutral nurseries will give you ideas on how to decorate the perfect space for your little one. So read on and see what these brilliant moms and interior designers offer.

1: Texture-filled Nursery Room

The interior designer who designed this room filled it with many textures that fit flawlessly, resulting in this serene space. The wooden side table beside the glider caught my eye.

The finish is unique, making it look like it’s straight out of the forest. Aside from adding color, the plants purify the space. Incorporating plants is such a brilliant idea for decorating.

2: Animal-filled Nursery Room

Source: @therenoseries

The best way to decorate a woodland-themed nursery is no other than incorporating different critters. The placement of the decals is excellent, creating a scene that looks like the animals’ natural habitat.

In addition, the glider’s location is ideal for a baby’s sun time for Vitamin D absorption during early mornings. All I can say is that this mama perfectly arranged this room.

3: Cozy Nursery Room

Source: @kirsten.diane

The furry blanket and tree prints set up a relaxing setting. The birdcage chandelier adds a whimsical touch to the space, giving a youthful vibe.

The printed wallpaper, green board & batten, and different shades of brown reflect the colors of nature, and the animal wall arts help set up the room to make it look like a woodland scene.

4: Rich in Details Nursery Room

Source: @brittpoy

This room is proof that you don’t need to decorate with wallpaper to achieve a woodland theme.

Instead, you can just add forest elements into the space, like the animal wall arts, deer lamp, plants, and a deer’s antlers; then you’re good to go.

Even without too many prints, this mama did a great job designing her little one’s space. Everything in the room looks so natural!

5: Dark Gray Nursery Room

Source: @mamikakao

If you think the color dark gray will not work well in a baby’s space, you’ll have second thoughts when you see this nursery.

Gray exudes sophistication, and the straight lines from the furniture and shelves make the room look chic.

Another detail I like about this space is how this mama chose the toys; it’s so exquisite that they can pass as decor items.

6: Beige Nursery Room

Neutral shades fit a nursery well since it doesn’t overstimulate your little one—colors like these make them feel calm when staying in their own space.

Hence, taking a nap or sleep time would be easier. But, if you want to incorporate color, apply it to smaller ticket items, like a throw pillow. The bonus part? The pillow matches the theme!

7: Scandi Woodland Nursery Room

The circle wall decal looks like a window to catch a glimpse of the woodland scene, giving the space a unique look. Aside from that, I love how animal details are in the room.

You can find them not just as toys but as clothes hooks and hangers too.

The dominant shades in this space are neutrals, but the room does not look plain because this mama incorporated splashes of color through the decor, toys, and storage bins.

8: Nursery Room with a Black Accent Wall

The woodland animals’ cuteness softens up this room’s look even though the accent wall is in black—and thanks to the feature wall, this mama does not have to worry about wall decor since this large-scaled wallpaper offers it all.

Moreover, the deer wall art is an adorable addition to the changing table to give the space life, while the peeking stuffed frog adds quirkiness. Anybody who sees this room will indeed appreciate its charm!

9: Into the Mountains Nursery Room

Source: @jesssecl

Can you imagine waking up in this tranquil space? Even I would want to sleep in here! The coolness of the color blue and the mountain view set up that cozy scene we all want for a nursery.

In addition, I love how you can find the woodland theme elements everywhere you look, from the baby mobile, curtains, and wall arts. This room is definitely a woodland wonderland!

10: Oh My Deer Nursery Room

Instead of just decals for the accent wall, this mama included tree decor made of wood. Aside from style, it also gives texture to the space.

Details like this make the room not look flat and provide the room with visual interest, which makes the room interesting to look at.

Also, the herringbone pattern in the adjacent wall creates an optical illusion that expands the room’s width. If your little one’s room has a low ceiling, better replicate this look!

11: Minimalist Boho Nursery Room

This nursery shows that you can achieve a boho room with minimal patterns. The leaf-printed wallpaper is easy on the eyes—perfect if you want your little one to have a pleasant space.

The white walls amplify the area’s brightness which makes it feel welcoming. Everything about this room is close to nature, from the color choices to the natural materials of the decor.

12: Gray and Green Nursery Room

The color gray gives off a calming vibe, while green revitalizes the room. When paired together, it creates the perfect harmony like what we see in this nursery.

This mom added different variations of gray instead of only using one shade, making the room look visually appealing.

The plushies, fox stool, and animal-themed storage baskets add whimsy, creating the perfect nursery for a little one.

13: Blue and White Nursery Room

Source: @rntart

We rarely see this particular shade of blue in a nursery. But after seeing these photos, many moms would definitely get inspired to try this color out for their baby’s room.

In addition, the details of the wallpaper, bear area rug, and animal wall arts give out an enchanting feel to the space. A setup like this will make parents and babies feel like they’re on a woodland adventure!