15 Enchantingly Sweet Woodland Nursery Wallpapers

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
15 Enchantingly Sweet Woodland Nursery Wallpapers

The best way to bring the outside in is by incorporating nature’s elements into the room. The warmth it gives turns a bare space into a comforting abode.

Also, nature offers a lot of design choices, from plants to animals—and choosing the latter allows you to surround your baby with adorable woodland creatures!

If you’re looking for ideas for a boy, girl, or gender-neutral nursery, come and follow the trail I paved so you and your little one can start a forest adventure.

1: The Great Outdoors

Source: @aliciamrubia

The coziness of this nursery transports you to the forest. The wood accents perfectly match the theme, and the accent wall alone is a view!

Any baby would have fun identifying and learning the names of these animals. Also, check out different textures that you can find in this space, from the rug, pillows, and ottoman. Everything looks so natural!

2: Critter-studded Walls

The modern take on the woodland theme is goals. Even though all the walls are covered in wallpaper, the room does not look cramped.

The natural birch wood texture from the furniture and decor is a beautiful touch to the room. It may look minimal, but this space exudes style.

3: Animal Sight Seeing

Source: @avos.home

Every day would be like a walk in the forest with this wallpaper mural in your little one’s room.

There might be a lot of vintage pieces in this room, but the space doesn’t feel outdated, and the minimal gold details in this nursery give it a touch of sophistication.

4: Boho and Woodland Dream

Source: @davia_at_home

You’ll never want to leave when you enter this beautiful nursery. The neutral white is the perfect base if you want a fresh-looking space, and it makes the hints of pink and the wood details stand out.

Overall, the fur rug under the crib and dresser ties together the room’s look and adds coziness to the room.

5: Natural Woody Habitat

Source: @ashleebaskey

If you think decorating a woodland-themed nursery is all about animal-printed wallpapers, this space is proof that other options like these birch-printed wallpapers also work.

I love that it gives the room a natural habitat look! Then, add some animal prints as wall art as this mama did, and it’s all set.

6: Deer-ly Beloved Nook

Creating a nursery nook inside the main bedroom is the best solution if you don’t have an extra room in your home or if you want to keep an eye on your newborn.

From a television corner, these parents switched it up to a crib. Although the space is small, they didn’t fail to make it look chic.

7: Cabin in the Woods Nursery

The antler-printed wallpaper and wooden paneling add variety to the space. However, we can all agree that the wooden paneling makes this room stand out.

It gives the nursery a cabin in the woods feel, and the rug addition does not only make the room feel comfortable but also warms up the space.

8: Somebunny's Precious Nursery

The combination of animals and flowers in a wallpaper produced such a charming sight. The flowers give a room a feminine touch, and the animals add a trace of whimsy.

If you ask me, this is the perfect addition to a baby girl’s room!

9: Rustic and Cozy Vibe

Using paneling with wallpaper draws the eye, giving a room a beautiful feature. In addition, the tree decals are the perfect wall decoration.

It provides the space with additional nature-themed elements that make it look cozier than it already is. Also, I love how this mama chose wicker storage bins for her little one’s stuff. It goes well with everything in the room!

10: You're Deer To Me

Walking into this room transports you to the woods because of the deer-themed mural wallpaper. In addition, the adjacent wall has a lovely old-fashioned look that adds drama to the room.

The way the color white and wooden tones are utilized in this space gave this room a homey and soothing vibe, perfect for a newborn!

11: High Ceiling Nursery Room

Unlike in small spaces, using darker colors in a big room will not be a problem. Instead, the contrast between the dark shade of blue and the brightness of white adds depth to this charming nursery.

Also, the pops of blush pink from the pillows and ottoman soften the room’s look and set a sweet vibe in the space.

12: Blushing Space

This mama chose to decorate with paneling and rabbit-printed wallpaper to add texture and contrast to the room.

Even though she only used one color in the walls, furniture, and decor, you can see variations in different shades, resulting in this sophisticated nursery full of visual interest.

Also, check out the animal plushies. For me, these cuties are the highlight of the room!

13: Nature's Greens

White and green can be so refreshing, and you’ll see it in this nursery. The green leaves from the wallpaper can immerse your little one into that forest feeling, and pairing it with adorable animals completes the woodland experience.

The laundry baskets made of wicker don’t just function as storage but also add cuteness to the space.

14: Everything Neutral

Using textures through paneling and pattern from the wallpaper, this mama added variation to the nursery. Also, even though it is small, the space is adequately lit.

You can see a chandelier as the primary light source and a lampshade for task lighting, perfect for late-night feedings and diaper changes.

15: Exposed Ceiling Beam

This mama did a great job in completing a charming nursery. Despite the small space, she made it functional. It’s all about how you make use of what is available!

Also, I love how the exposed beam with a wooden accent adds drama and texture to the rustic vibe of the room. It may not look good with another room theme, but it perfectly blends with the woodland decor!