11 Blooming Gorgeously Rose-themed Nurseries

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Rose Themed Nursery

Florals are one of the first themes that come into mind when
decorating a baby girl’s nursery room.

This article will show you how these mamas showcased their creativity in creating the best space for their little ones. You’ll never run out of inspiration with all the available rose-themed decor!

Browsing through these photos is like walking in a garden. So, take your favorite picks and get ready to design your babe’s nursery.

1: Half and Half​

Source: @ettieandco

Instead of covering the entire wall with wallpaper, this mama made a practical yet stylish move.

The blend of pink and flowers is easy on the eyes; you’ll never get tired of looking at it. This nursery is the sweetest space for the dear baby girl!

2: Shiplap & Roses

Source: @chloe_isaacs

The combination of the faux roses and shiplap in this nursery is harmonious. The crib’s design has the perfect finish, which gives the room a vintage feel embracing a chic farmhouse style.

I love how warm and welcoming this style is; a great way to welcome the long-awaited arrival of a precious baby!

3: Blushing Nursery

This mama decorated a room with an irregular shape, but she did it faultlessly. The result? It looks like the space was made to fit this way.

Even each accessory is carefully hand-picked to create a sweet girl’s room. All one needs is proper planning and placement. Be inspired by this mama!

4: Nursery for Rose

Source: @amandaryanhome

Rare moments like decorating a nursery theme based on your little one’s name happen. So grab it just like this mama did, and it resulted in this dashing space!

The decals look like it’s falling from the ceiling—giving an illusion that roses are falling on the baby. Also, I love that this room has space for playing.

You can never go wrong with a dedicated play space when planning for a space!

5: Royal Roses

Source: @irenesarah

This nursery designed by @littlecrowninteriors for @irenesarah is fit for a princess. I love how the gold fixtures add sophistication.

It gives the room another layer of style to the already charming space. After seeing this room, you’ll get inspired to add metallic pieces to your little one’s room!

6: Vintage Touch

Source: @thewenecknest

This nursery is proof that vintage is not only for a grown-up’s room. The different textures present give visual interest to the space, add a unique look, and transform the space into its full potential.

The brass cribs work flawlessly with the room’s theme, and it complements the monochromatic mural on the wall.

7: Go big or go home!

Source: @ninhointeriors

Are you looking for a floral-themed room that will grow with your little one? Look no further. The colors and style of this room are timeless.

The blend of navy blue and blush complements each other so well—navy blue makes it look calm, and blush gives the space a playful touch.

As the baby grows, just switch the crib into a bed; the child will be all set!

8: Crowned Garden

Don’t be afraid to use the color black in decorating a nursery! The background of this wallpaper makes all the roses stand out.

Also, I love how the color of the accessories matches the hues in the wallpaper; it creates visual continuity that creates harmony in the room.

9: Wallpapered Ceiling

The baby who owns this room is lucky. Every time she wakes up, her view will be a beautiful sight—the floral wallpaper! This space has an explosion of textures, from the wardrobe to the materials used in the accessories.

Also, the natural light that enters the nursery makes the room glow—turning it more beautiful than it already is.

10: Bring the outdoors in

The roses plus the wood accent is a beautiful way to incorporate elements of nature into a nursery.

By doing this, you’ll give the space a relaxing feel. Perfect for a baby who requires sleep and parents who need rest. Even I would like to stay in a room like this one!

11: Floral Boho

If you think the large-scale rose mural is enough, this mama went beyond extra with the floral arrangement!

Also, I love the subtleness of the rug. It might not be noticeable, but you cannot stop looking at it once you see it.

Everything about this room looks perfect; it’s hard to choose a favorite detail!