9 Jungle Nursery Design Straight Out the Tropics

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

The best way to teach your little ones about the animals in the wildlife is by incorporating these creatures in their room theme. These would be what your child sees upon waking up and the last glimpse before getting that much-needed slumber.

Read on this blog if you are on board with this wild jungle quest, and see what the tropics offer. Get your compass and maps ready as we discover these jungle-themed nursery ideas.

1: Dark-colored Accent Wall Jungle Nursery

A nursery with a dark-colored accent wall is rare, but it sure looks regal like this space. The adjacent white walls and large windows brighten up the room, which is a perfect balance to the dark accent wall.

Aside from the glider’s style, the bouclé material is to die for. It adds not just texture but also sophistication.

2: Jungle Mural Nursery Idea

Source: @ninhointeriors

The organic elements and the mural filled with animals make you feel like you’re walking in a jungle.

The tree trunk side table, pendant light, rope rug, and the woven storage basket are not just functional, but each gives a unique texture to the room, which provides the space with visual interest.

3: Traditional Nursery with a Jungle Twist

Source: @britsindenmark

Details are everything in this space. The intricate carvings from the mirror and crib alone make this room look extravagant!

Besides that, I love the harmonious look of the space via the repetition of the giraffe in the plushie, table lamp, and area rug. Each decor was carefully curated to complete the room’s look.

4: White and Gold Jungle Nursery Room

Source: @studioten25

This nursery that @studioten25 designed radiates elegance. The acrylic railings of the crib give off a modern vibe, and the dresser’s details create that traditional look.

Also, I love how the mural-covered walls. It gives a jungle scene that any child will appreciate. Every day is an adventure for the kid who owns this space!

5: Go Green Jungle Nursery Room

Source: @kranehome

Can this room get any fresher? All the greenery does not only look but feels refreshing. The rattan day bed lets this space be a guest room, too, when people come over.

Also, the material perfectly matches the jungle theme. Everything in this room makes you feel like you’re close to nature!

6: Boho Jungle-themed Nursery Room

Source: @ateachershome

There may only be two colors that you’ll see in this nursery, but it sure has a lot of rich details. The string light creates a beautiful illumination during nighttime, and the shape adds visual interest to the room.

All the items on the changing table match the room’s look aside from the play of textures it gives to the space.

7: Gender-neutral Jungle Nursery

The combination of the animals and plants makes this nursery come alive. The animal plushies do not only serve as toys but likewise, look good as decors.

All toys are on point with the theme. Also, I love how the lion rug and giraffe shelf add quirkiness to the space—perfect for a baby’s room.

8: Where the Wild Animals Are

Indeed, all the wild animals are in this room, and even the baby’s clothes are animal-themed. The wall art with lush trees goes well with everything in the room.

It’s the perfect backdrop that creates a jungle feel. The monkey lamp lights up the space and adds playfulness to the room. All I can say is this mama’s eye for details is beyond amazing!

9: Sunny Jungle Nursery

Source: @the_scandiroom

This nursery would energize little ones. Just being around this environment would brighten up anybody’s day. The color yellow stands out even more because it’s combined with black.

If you think bold colors like these don’t belong in a nursery, this space totally proves it wrong. Everything in this room exudes style!