The Best Mommy Blogs Every Mom Should Follow

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

As a mom myself, I find parenting blogs to be a very valuable resource. Whether I am looking for ideas for craft activities, clever organizational tips, fun outdoor activities, or even just stories from other parents going through the same daily trials as I am, I know I can always find what I’m looking for on one of the many parenting blogs out there.

I have assembled here a list of my winners, with a brief description of what you’ll find in each. These blogs are loaded with helpful information, free downloads, and step-by-step guides for everything parent-related. I hope they will be as helpful to you as they have been to me.

Trisha Novotny

What is the Blog About? – A selection of curated content featuring all things parenting. Housekeeping, meal prep, frugal living, marriage advice, and helpful articles about kids.

What I Liked About it – There is a live weekly webcast that really helps foster a sense of community and interaction on this blog.

About the Author – The blog has grown since it first went live, and even though Tricia now acts as the CEO for 24/7 Moms, her presence is still alive and well at the blog.

Courtney & Tanner

What is the Blog About? – Crafting, DIY projects, recipes, holiday ideas, you name it! Definitely don’t miss their amazing Lifehacks section for loads of great ideas!

What I Liked About it – I love that this site is the work of young people. You can see in everything from their video production to their use of fun and approachable language that they’re energetic and completely devoted to their work.

About the Author – Courtney and Tanner are the two teen entrepreneur powerhouses behind all the content and creativity in this blog. They may not be your typical “mommy” bloggers, but their page has loads of great info for families.


What is the Blog About? – Rainy day activities: covered. Whether you are looking for a few fun and inexpensive ideas for arts and crafts projects with your little ones, or if you are homeschooling your child, there is a wealth of educational, sensory, and artistic projects like kids curtains available here.

What I Liked About it – There’s a generous amount of free content available including printables, videos, and step-by-step instructions. (Definitely check out the recipe for bouncing bubbles!)

About the Author – Katie is a homeschooling mom of two who uses her personal experience to share creative ideas with fellow parents.

Rachel Norman

What is the Blog About? – Tips for keeping the chaos to a minimum in your home. Everything from organization of your “stuff” to organization of your feelings is covered.

What I Liked About it – The author has had five children in five years, and seems to be managing to keep her sanity just fine. Anyone with that kind of experience to share has my full attention.

About the Author – Rachel describes herself as a “type A personality” and that energy and enthusiasm comes through in her writing. Certainly, she will need plenty of energy to keep up with her growing family.


What is the Blog About? – Creative arts, crafts, and even play ideas for children ranging from ages 0 to 5.

What I Liked About it – The “Book Club” section of the blog. This is a wonderful array of arts and crafts projects inspired by children’s books. There are plenty of ideas from books like “The Very Hungry Caterpillar,” “The Rainbow Fish,” and other childhood favorites. What a fun way to keep kids interested in reading!

About the Author – Helen is one of those moms who just seems naturally blessed with creativity. Her projects are all based on ones she’s done at home herself.


What is the Blog About? – The realities of motherhood are woven throughout posts of all kinds, including organization and wellness. The main focus is on finding a balance in your life – something that can sometimes feel very difficult after kids come along.

What I Liked About it – This is an empowering and validating blog written by a woman for other women. Becoming a mother can be isolating, and this blogger is using the internet to reach out to others.

About the Author – Megan has 4 children, and uses her blog to talk frankly about the struggles and triumphs of finding balance in your life after childbirth.


What is the Blog About? – This is a style, fashion, beauty, and fitness blog with a bit of a twist. It also focuses on motherhood, family, and how all of these things fit together.

What I Liked About it – There’s a great “day in the life” feel to this blog. So many fashion blogs can feel inaccessible to busy moms chasing after kids all day. This is a fashion blog hosted by a mom, so there is a much-needed dose of realistic expectations thrown in.

About the Author – Amber is a mother of two living in Hawaii who loves all things fashion, beauty and fitness.


What is the Blog About? – Homeschooling, parenting, faith, and more. And mother talks about her day to day life and experiences with her son, Ben.

What I Liked About it – The author speaks very openly about her process of fostering and adopting her son, Ben. This can be a great resource for parents who are fostering, adopting, or thinking of doing either.

About the Author – Marcy is the mother of one – a little boy she adopted when he was just a baby. She has chosen to homeschool her child, and she shares her experiences on her blog.


What is the Blog About? – A parenting blog focusing on crafts and DIY projects, but also with plenty of helpful guides for everyday obstacles too.

What I Liked About it – The “Creative Parenting” section has articles dedicated to often overlooked topics like self care for mom, speaking to children about loss, dealing with picky eaters, challenging potty training moments, and safety concerns.

About the Author – Krissy is another former teacher (teachers always have such a great way of getting info across to us readers), and mother of three.


What is the Blog About? – Don’t be fooled by the title… there’s a lot more going on here than just jewelry tutorials (although there are many of those too, and they’re fabulous!)

What I Liked About it – There are a lot of personal entries scattered in and among the how-to guides for various crafts. The author speaks frankly about her issues with clinical depression – something that many other women are also dealing with.

About the Author – Sarah wasn’t sure she would like blogging at first, but she quickly found out that she was made for this job.

Burlap and Blue

What is the Blog About? – Household hacks and DIY workarounds that any mom can tackle herself. Don’t have $20,000 to update your bathroom? Check out what Burlap and Blue can do with a fraction of that budget and a single trip to the hardware store.

What I Liked About it – All of the projects recommended on this page have been done by the author. This helps empower you to give them a try as well. Plus, the step-by-step instructions and clear pictures are always helpful.

About the Author – Linda is a mother of two who has a knack for DIY projects, and beautifying spaces without spending too much money.


What is the Blog About? – This is a great resource for parents. The entire site is arranged as a series of how-to guides covering nearly every topic you can think of involving kids.

What I Liked About it – Each of the how-to guides are presented as a video. As much as I love diving into a good blog post, sometimes the house simply isn’t quiet enough or your brain simply isn’t focused enough to take on reading. A quick video however – that’s another story.

About the Author – Melissa is a mother of five, and she uses her considerable experience to share her best tips and tricks with the rest of us.

Coco 29

What is the Blog About? – Household and lifestyle DIY ideas and guides covering everything from gardening, to hairstyles, to organization.

What I Liked About it – The wedding ideas. Too often, it is assumed that parents have already gotten the wedding out of the way, but we forget that weddings sometimes come after kids, for a variety of different reasons. I think it’s great to include wedding suggestions right there on a parenting blog.

About the Author – This is another blog where there is a group of people writing for it, which is great because different experts can weigh in on different subjects.

Kristen and Liz

What is the Blog About? – Once you become a parent, you’re not simply buying for yourself anymore. Your purchases now have to be more thoughtful and responsible. But where can you turn for guidance on the best, most affordable, safest, trendiest products? Right here.

What I Liked About it – The curated content really casts a wide net. Whether you are looking for tech gear for yourself, back to school supplies for the kids, or quirky Father’s Day gifts, you will find great tips here.

About the Author – This site has so much content, there’s actually a staff of people writing for it now.


What is the Blog About? – Craft project ideas for all ages, including the littlest learners, and right up through crafty adults.

What I Liked About it – really in-depth tutorials are offered for each project. Plus, there’s a lot of variation you can try on each of the projects (for instance: 55 cardboard tube crafts.) This way, you can decide which level of crafting your most comfortable with, and follow the very simple and straightforward directions.

About the Author – Let’s just say that when I saw the picture of Amanda with tattoos, and wearing a Ramones tee shirt, I knew I was dealing with a cool lady.


What is the Blog About? – A fun DIY blog covering kid crafts, recipes, and even some seasonally appropriate cocktails.

What I Liked About it – The holiday-specific crafts are just fantastic. Let’s start with the fact that there are at least a dozen really creative ways to dye Easter eggs, and go from there. Holidays are a great entry point for creative activities, and the site has you covered.

About the Author – Michelle is a new mom, but she has been around children whole life. Her experience as an elementary school teacher exposed her to some wonderful crafts and projects to try at home, and she is sharing them with us.


What is the Blog About? – Sewing, crafting, kids activities, recipes, and great ideas for special holiday projects.

What I Liked About it – The kid friendly cooking ideas. How often do your little ones want to jump in and help when it’s not always appropriate for them to do so? Having a few kid friendly options available makes your time in the kitchen so much more enjoyable.

About the Author – Amber is a mom to four boys with quite a knack for sewing, baking, and other DIY crafts.


What is the Blog About? – Great ways to get your family doing activities together. Arts and crafts, outdoor activities, trips, recipes, and fun suggestions for all ages.

What I Liked About it – The “family adventure guide.” At the bottom of many posts, the author will break down how much time and money you can expect to spend on the featured activities. This is hugely helpful! Any parent who has ever wound up spending three hours on what they thought would be a simple craft will immediately appreciate this feature.

About the Author – Terri is a mother of two who is always looking for meaningfully spent time with her family.


What is the Blog About? – What began as a pregnancy blog for the author has evolved into honest discussions of parenting challenges and triumphs. Sprinkled and are also craft ideas, easy recipes, and activities.

What I Liked About it – The “Babies” section of the page deals with all of those emergency Google questions we typed in during the first two, eight, or twenty weeks of our children’s lives. With a reassuring tone, Darcy calmly walks us through what we can expect his brand-new parents.

About the Author – Darcy has purple hair, loves heavy metal music, geek culture, and her kids.


What is the Blog About? – Exactly what it sounds like. Not every parent is doing their job in a sprawling suburban colonial, and when space concerns become an issue, your home can become very chaotic very quickly. This is a great resource for parents needing to make the most out of every square inch.

What I Liked About it – The ideas are creative and affordable – and it’s always important for parents to consider cost.

About the Author – Kathy has been interested in organization and design for a long time. She made her main focus small spaces, and has helped lots of parents with her great suggestions.

DIY & Crafts

What is the Blog About? – The name says it all! This blog is a great collection of some of the best project guides from all around the web.

What I Liked About it – I love how this blog branches out past simply arts and crafts info, and goes into more adult oriented topics like health, fashion, and lifehacks. Sometimes us moms want to check out what we can do ourselves while the kids are at school.

About the Author – This blog is kept up by a team of people all working to bring us readers new and exciting content every day.


What is the Blog About? – This is an arts and crafts blog which provides accessible and affordable projects to try at home. Everything from drawing instructions, to coloring pages, to paper crafting examples are available for free.

What I Liked About it – Here is a mom who understands how outrageously expensive arts and crafts projects can become. So what does she do to keep things cost-effective? She relies on simple materials like paper, rocks, and crayons. Check out this 3-D fruit paper craft. Nothing complicated or expensive there!

About the Author – Andreja is a mom who wanted to keep her at-home projects “easy-peasy and fun,” hence the site name.

Jodie and Jen

What is the Blog About? – A how-to blog featuring step by step guides for kids crafts, photography, baking, decorating, and having fun with your family.

What I Liked About it – So, here’s something you don’t see on every craft blog… fonts. The ladies in charge of this website periodically share collections of creative, fun, and attention-getting fonts which you can download and begin using yourself.

About the Author – This blog is the work of sisters’ Jodie and Jen. The name of the blog comes from their home address as children.



What is the Blog About? – This is the story of a family who has taken in over 20 foster children over the years, and adopted two of them into their new forever home.

What I Liked About it – The author shares the joys and struggles associated with fostering and adoption. She has not chosen an easy route for herself, but an extremely admirable one which she navigates gracefully.

About the Author – Penelope struggled with infertility before deciding to opt for adoption. She made the decision to write about the process of fostering and adopting children, and she shares her experiences on her blog.

Sarah Dees

What is the Blog About? – When you have 5 children (like the author of this blog does), you need to stay on a strict budget. This site is full of great ideas for ways to keep kids learning and engaged, without having to spend a lot of money.

What I Liked About it – Originally, this blog was called “Frugal Fun for Boys” because the author was the mother of 4 sons. Then a daughter came along. I love how the blog evolved with the addition of the littlest sister.

About the Author – Sarah is a homeschooling, science-loving, crafty mother of 5, and she shares her best ideas with the rest of us trying to hold it together.

Virginia Fynes

What is the Blog About? – Household DIY projects and recipes. There’s also lots of great interior and exterior design inspiration.

What I Liked About it – Everything is arranged in very clear step-by-step guides, which help walk you through the process of trying this yourself at home. Lots of pictures showing you exactly what to do helps prevent frustration or do overs.

About the Author – Virginia is a DIY powerhouse, who also owns her own restaurant. How she keeps up with it all, I’ll never know!


What is the Blog About? – Loads of easy, stress-free kid craft ideas, and even some handmade gift ideas for parents to try (maybe after the kids are in bed for the night, and you can concentrate.)

What I Liked About it – I love how the kid crafts on this blog are really approachable, and you can tell that the examples on the website were actually made by kids. You can tell a lot of love went into forming these craft ideas, and a lot of fun was had making them.

About the Author – Stacey is the mother to a young boy, and an Airforce wife. She takes a lot of pride in what she does, and for good reason!


What is the Blog About? – Hundreds of crafty and DIY ideas for the whole family. Plus some cool extras like travel info, party ideas, and free printables.

What I Liked About it – The homemade soap recipes! Who knew that making fun and fragrant soaps at home would only take a few minutes? There are seasonal soaps galore, meaning these would all be excellent ideas for those holiday or year-end gifts we always forget about (think crossing guards, school bus drivers, dance teachers, etc.)

About the Author – Heidi is raising and homeschooling three boys. As a result, she has loads of great ideas to share.


What is the Blog About? – Inspiration for holiday and DIY crafts projects for kids, and for us moms to try.

What I Liked About it – The “household tips” section. No matter how organized we try to be, we could always use a few extra pointers. There are some really creative and very accessible ways to get your home organized – and that includes your stuff, not just the kids’ stuff.

About the Author – Debbie is a mother to three children who has a real knack for creating lovely DIY decorations and crafts. I’m glad she’s sharing all of those great ideas with us.

Sandi Schwartz

What is the Blog About? – Scientifically backed research offering insight on how to raise happy and healthy children.

What I Liked About it – I like how this blog focuses on positive aspects of parenting, what you can do to add more happiness to your household. Something we all need help with from time to time.

About the Author – Sandi has studied environmental science and has taken all that she has learned and used it as a basis to build a better life for her family. She has been featured on many other mommy blogs, so you may have already read something by her without realizing.


What is the Blog About? – Seasonal projects, fun food (always great for picky eaters), and lots of recycling or upcycling ideas to save you some money.

What I Liked About it –The “Experiments” section. Science is so important, and when we as parents can make science fun at home, our kids stand a much better chance of excelling in science when they go to school.

About the Author – Tammy is the writer and photographer behind Housing a Forest, and her ideas for at-home projects and learning are extensive.


What is the Blog About? – This blog promotes the beautiful message that as parents or guardians, we are the first and most important teachers our children will have.

What I Liked About it –The site is filled with constructive activities and learning opportunities separated out by age – and yes, you can jump right in and get started with your newborn (but maybe catch up on sleep first.)

About the Author – Jenae is a mother of three who has a background in teaching. She brings her classroom knowledge to each blog post.


What is the Blog About? – Hundreds of ideas for creative uses of everyday materials. This blog features amazing kid crafts made from yarn, newspaper, cardboard tubes, and paper plates. Spend enough time here, and you will begin looking at your recycle bin in a whole different way.

What I Liked About it –It’s true that lots of crafting projects require kids to sit down and stay still, but the site also offers plenty of ideas for more active kids. Scavenger hunts, outdoor activities, etc.

About the Author – Rachel is a mom of three with a genuine love for arts and craft projects. You can see her enthusiasm come through in her work and writing.

Nicole Schwarz

What is the Blog About? – This blog is written by a parenting coach (did you know there was such a wonderful resource available?) and it helps us overwhelmed and stressed parents find our way through complicated situations.

What I Liked About it –This is another blog where the expert voice comes across as both authoritative, and encouraging. We’ve all turned to the internet for help sometimes. This is a great place to land.

About the Author – Nicole is a parenting coach, family therapist and mother to three girls. Her professional experience helps inform her writing, and she has a wonderful way of talking to parents.


What is the Blog About? – Daily posts offer inspiration for everything from kids crafts to tonight’s dinner. This blog spans a broad range of topics that go beyond a child-centric focus and touch on every day mothering.

What I Liked About it –This is a bit like a condensed version of Pinterest. There’s a section of the blog dedicated to themed parties, another section dedicated to traveling with little ones, and yet another one full of delicious looking recipes.

About the Author – Kim is a mom of three and a full-time marketing director. The fact that she manages to come up with creative content every day on top of that is amazing.


What is the Blog About? – A little bit of everything! There are kids crafts, recipes, sewing instructions, photography inspiration, and plenty of real life anecdotes. This is always a fun daily read, because there’s such a great variety of material.

What I Liked About it –The “Tips and Tricks” section of her blog is a goldmine of life hacks and valuable information. Don’t miss it!

About the Author – Autumn has five kids, and isn’t afraid to tell us how much chaos and love that household sees. Her positive, funny personality comes shining through in each and every post.


What is the Blog About? – Answers to all of your parenting questions. This blog represents research done by the author, and she shares her favorite answers to her parenting questions.

What I Liked About it – It’s great having a ton of useful information in one place, and that is exactly how the site is arranged.

About the Author – Cathy is the mother of three girls, and she found that she was not alone in her tendency to search online for answers to the parenting questions we all have. She decided to keep all of the best answers together in one place, and here it is.


What is the Blog About? – Arts and crafts, party planning, recipe ideas, you name it. I am pretty sure every parent has googled the exact phrase “kid friendly things to do” on more than one occasion. If you land here, you’ll luck out.

What I Liked About it – I love the practical approach that the author takes when walking us through her creative ideas. She offers step-by-step instructions, complete with very detailed photos which can help anyone create the same fun projects she does.

About the Author – Melissa is another Chicago area mom (shout out!) who is constantly looking for creative ways to keep her 4 children occupied and learning.


What is the Blog About? – The blog’s mission is to show you that all the stuff in your junk drawer can be put to good use as arts and crafts projects.

What I Liked About it – I really love how the activities are separated into sections based on age-appropriateness. We’ve all watched a toddler try to eat craft supplies at some point, and we’ve all seen school age kids roll their eyes in boredom. Having age ranges attached to projects is super helpful!

About the Author – Holly is the driving force behind Kids Crafts Blog, but her husband does a lot of the video production. They make a great team together.


What is the Blog About? – Some great DIY ideas for kids and adults alike. The focus is always on bringing out the imagination and playfulness in children.

What I Liked About it – The science activities. Whether it’s younger kids exploring sensory play, or older kids trying out some cool experiments, this blog takes a wonderful interest in STEM activities for children.

About the Author – Emma doesn’t think there’s anything wrong with technology (Obviously, she’s a blogger), but she also knows there’s just no replacing the natural wonder of childhood. Her aim is always to inspire creativity and exploration outside.


What is the Blog About? – Activities, resources, and parenting approaches, often aimed at parents of anxious, depressed, or angry children.

What I Liked About it –Every parent needs a lifeline every now and then, and this site has some really great down to earth resources parents can use to help them through the more difficult aspects of their day.

About the Author – Dayna is the mother of two little boys. She is a former schoolteacher, and writes a lot about parenting children with special needs. She uses her considerable experience in the classroom, and at home to bring us helpful information.


What is the Blog About? – Moms wear many hats: caregiving, housekeeping, money earning, food preparation, self-care, etc. But it can be hard to figure out the best way to do things. The more information you can arm yourself with, the better equipped you will be to take on these challenges. This is what the blog is about. Gathering up info from everywhere on the web, and presenting it to you in a neat little list.

What I Liked About it –A simple and straightforward concept that is executed with a lot of heart and personality.

About the Author – Lilly loves putting things into neat lists, and her readers love her for it!


What is the Blog About? – A more spiritual blog full of fun ideas and activities – many of which are aimed at parents of children with sensory processing challenges.

What I Liked About it –There’s an entire section devoted to cake recipes, and for good reason. The cakes featured on the blog are incredible, and look like something from a baking competition show. The step by step instructions, and baking tutorials make even the most difficult looking cakes seem easy

About the Author – Jodie is a mother of three who uses activities and projects as a way to connect with her family meaningfully


What is the Blog About? – Everyday parenting, as well as the unique set of challenges and circumstances faced by parents living the military life. Lots of great personal experiences, as well as outside resources which can be very helpful.

What I Liked About it –I always love it when a parenting blogger grabs hold of a special niche, and dedicates the blog to helping parents going through similar challenges.

About the Author – Lauren is a former nurse turned stay-at-home mom who uses her blog to share helpful tips that she has learned in her own experience being a military wife and mother.


Miss Giraffe’s Class

What is the Blog About? – A teacher shares her ideas for math and literacy lessons which can be incorporated into your classroom, home schooling, or simply educational play.

What I Liked About it –I love how these ideas are presented as full lesson plans. This way, if you did want to better understand the educational milestones and prerequisites each lesson will hit, you can. Otherwise, you can simply use them as a guideline for an educational activity.

About the Author – Miss Giraffe lives in Arizona and makes her lesson plans available so that others can learn and grow.


Jennifer Pilgrim

What is the Blog About? – An all-around family lifestyle blog covering topics such as cooking, crafting, and parenting. There’s a little something for everyone here, and all of it with clear instructions.

What I Liked About it –The happy voice of the author. You can tell she loves what she does, and her cheery attitude is on display in each of her posts.

About the Author – Jennifer first began her blog when she was a newlywed, and has continued ever since. Her writing style and topics have evolved as she’s entered motherhood.

Jen Walshaw

What is the Blog About? – All things mom! Gardening blogs, childproofing blogs, crafting blogs, recipe blogs, it goes on and on. This is a very well-rounded site in terms of content, and you could easily spend hours reading.

What I Liked About it –Knowing how much she loves blogging herself, the author offers up how-to posts on starting your own blog, and keeping it going. She touches on topics I hadn’t even thought of as a blogger myself. A great resource!

About the Author – Jen doesn’t shy away from tackling topics big or small.


What is the Blog About? – Craft projects and lifestyle blogging coming from an everyday mom who admittedly says she’s not an expert crafter (therefore her instructions are super easy to follow!)

What I Liked About it – There are some great sewing and crochet projects on this site which you can follow along with at home. As a seamstress myself, I’m always happy to find out which tricks other people use.

About the Author – Mandy has 4 kids and a real knack for explaining projects in an easy and accessible way.


What is the Blog About? – A blog for sharing crafting ideas, home DIY, recipes, and everything else intended to make parenting less hectic for you.

What I Liked About it – The party printables. You already know how outrageously expensive party decorations can be. All that money, and then you wind up never using them again anyway. Party printables are a great and affordable way to add personality to your party without breaking the bank.

About the Author – Katie is mom to three kids, and loves sharing her best ideas with all of us. In fact, some of her ideas have been so good, national retail stores have begun selling them!


What is the Blog About? – Straightforward discussions about everyday parenting struggles, particularly as they relate to adoptive parents, foster parents, or parents of children with special needs.

What I Liked About it – The openness with which the author speaks about the challenges faced by all parents, but particularly by those parents walking a more difficult road. This openness has led to the formation of a support network, which can also be reached through this blog.

About the Author – Sharla is a mother of 7, and as a result has a wealth of experience to pass on to the rest of us.


The Chirping Moms

What is the Blog About? – A great lifestyle blog covering everything from parenting, to travel, to home decor, and beyond.

What I Liked About it – The Mom’s Book Club. For all the time we spend reading to our kids, when was the last time you cracked open a good book just for you? There are some wonderful recommendations here to add to your wishlist, or your library queue.

About the Author –Courtney and Julie make a great team. They met in a park one day and became instant besties. Their friendship and fun attitudes always come through.


What is the Blog About? – Creative ideas and new approaches to counseling children who may be struggling with various issues in their lives. This can be a great resource for counselors, or for parents looking for more insight as to what might be going on in those little minds.

What I Liked About it – You’ll see some tried-and-true methods on here, as well as some new updated ones. I like that there are so many options so that parents can try the methods which work best for them.

About the Author – Michelle has over 20 years of counseling experience in a school setting, and shares her vast knowledge of ways to get through to children.


What is the Blog About? – All types of parenting topics, and some fun arts & crafts and party ideas too. There’s also a great section on traveling with kids which you should definitely check out if you have any vacation plans.

What I Liked About it – The Parker family’s adoption story. Currently, they are in the midst of waiting to be matched with a child, but along the way they have shared their journey, as well as many resources which can be helpful to other families thinking of pursuing adoption.

About the Author – Emily Parker is a mom of three, and uses her blog to talk about daily life as a parent.



What is the Blog About? – This is a great place to land if you’re looking for curated content all geared towards making your life as a mom easier. Whether you’re searching for the best audiobooks to play on a long roadtrip, or some good ideas to get your family up and moving, you’ll find it here.

What I Liked About it – I love the variety of content here. While it can sometimes be great to dive into a blog with a single focus, this blog lets me explore lots of different topics, all of which are super interesting.

About the Author – Kimber is a mother of three young children, and works as an engineer.


What is the Blog About? – Fun arts and crafts projects, at-home science experiments, recipes, and indoor/outdoor activities for the family to try.

What I Liked About it – Did you notice the word “resourceful” in the title? This is because all of the projects use items you would expect to find around your house. Buttons, yarn, pieces of candy, etc. A craft project that doesn’t involve loading up the car is an immediate plus in my book.

About the Author – Kim is a mom of three who loves sharing creative ideas, especially seasonal crafts.


What is the Blog About? – Keeping your kids happy, focused, and learning, even as you try to balance all your other mom responsibilities. If that sounds like a tall order, it is – but this blog gives you some great tools to make that happen.

What I Liked About it – Great tips for frugal or green living! So many families have to carefully plan their budgets, and this blog shows you great ways to stay within your spending limits, and still have great fun.

About the Author – Jen is a fun-loving mom in Florida. Her love of Disney would charm anyone, but it doesn’t hurt that she also has some great craft ideas too.


What is the Blog About? – Yes, some of this blog is centered on things to do specifically in Temecula, southern California, but there’s lots of great info for parents all over. Some great frugal living tips too!

What I Liked About it – The crock pot recipes. If you, as a parent, haven’t developed a love affair with your crock pot yet, a site like this will help you realize what a time saver and mess-reucer these things really are.

About the Author – Justine is a former teacher and mother to three girls. She first began blogging because she wanted to share ideas for inexpensive things to do in her area.

This Grandma Is Fun

What is the Blog About? – This is a great resource for parents who are moving on to the next stage in their lives – grandparenting. There are great resources here for activities to do with your grandchildren, as well as fashion, health, and travel tips for you, now that you are enjoying some hard-earned free time.

What I Liked About it – I think it’s a great idea to focus on the way grandparents interact with their grandchildren, and how important this bond can be.

About the Author – This blog is maintained by three sisters, all of whom have recently become grandmothers. They share some great ideas and stories.

Twin Dragonfly Designs

What is the Blog About? – Sharing craft ideas, recipes, and lots of great activities. Definitely check out the camping tab for some truly great suggestions.

What I Liked About it –The “Handmade Hangout.” Each week, 5 different blogs are featured, each of which is showcasing a fun handmade project. It’s like a miniature tour of some of the best and most creative crafting blogs out there.

About the Author – Heather is the mother of twins, and she’s living up in Canada. Her projects, recipes, and activity suggestions always focus on fun.


What is the Blog About? – As the author states on her “about” blurb, there’s a little of this, and a little of that all throughout this blog. While it is mostly focused on DIY and crafts, there’s also some beauty tips, recipes, and organizational info.

What I Liked About it –Her “Real Life” home tour. The author shares a lot of holiday or decorating themed home tours, but she also once shared a tour of her home as it looks on an average day – in other words, a house that looks a lot like our houses. The realness was refreshing!

About the Author – Katie is a mother to three boys, and full of creative suggestions for how to keep energetic kids occupied and happy.


What is the Blog About? – The blog title is a play on the author’s last name. Cute, huh? She uses this space to share ideas and projects, but also a lot of personal entries chronicling her everyday trials as a mom.

What I Liked About it –I love it when a blogger can open up and be honest with their audience. Putting yourself out there like that means taking a big risk, and I always appreciate it when I see it. This blog is a great example.

About the Author – Laura has an impossibly cool resume listing both “science teacher” and “roller derby girl.”

Java Mama

What is the Blog About? –The author describes herself as a “learn as you go” mom. She brings ideas from activities she has tried with her own children to her blog, complete with step-by-step instructions and pictures.

What I Liked About it –Her pictures feature children happily completing crafts, and not necessarily staged, brightly lit photos of the finished product. It helps give you a better idea of how the activity look While it’s happening.

About the Author – Java Mama (her screen name) describes herself as an expert at nothing and a novice at many things – I think every single mom could probably describe herself the same way.


What is the Blog About? –A handmade crafts blog featuring ideas, how-to guides, and inspiration for projects appropriate for all different ages. Whether you want to take on a sewing project yourself, or introduce a little one to the needle and thread, there will be a great guide on how to do it here.

What I Liked About it –I always appreciate blogs that offer some advanced craft projects for parents to try on their own. Sometimes, you can’t help but get inspired by what kids are doing, and you want to try it yourself.

About the Author – Amy is a mother of four and a creative enthusiast. Her blog is a wonderful way for her to share her ideas and projects.


What is the Blog About? –A little bit of anything and everything. There are recipes, art projects, DIY, fashion, beauty, design, science activities, and games to play with kids.

What I Liked About it –The quiz section is really fun. Sometimes, it’s good to get a little insight about yourself, and quizzes are a great way to do that. Plus, little movie quote trivia in the middle of the day can be a fun way to destress.

About the Author – This is a blog full of curated content, submitted by a staff of different people. This is how the blog can span such a wide range of topics.


What is the Blog About? – A real mom being real. She pokes a gentle bit of fun at other blogs full of expertly photographed craft projects and stunning DIY ideas, and instead offers you her moments of weakness, frustration, and chaos. But she has a great sense of humor about it all.

What I Liked About it –Her call for all moms to admit their mistakes and shortcomings, and to band together in all our messy realness.

About the Author – Kristen has 4 kids and an absolutely amazing ability to turn a bad day into a hilarious blog.


What is the Blog About? – Easy crafting ideas for kids. Everything on this site is designed with little hands in mind.

What I Liked About it –Talk about being on top of kid trends – right on the front page there are tutorials for home made fidget spinners, and slime. I think if most kids had the chance, they’d play with just those two things all day. Might as well get them involved with making them.

About the Author – Maggy is a mother of two who loved trying out new and easy crafts with her kids, and then sharing those great ideas with us.


What is the Blog About? – Does it seem like parenthood is nothing but chaos? It turns out, it may be because you are inadvertently making the job harder on yourself. By learning to adjust to the natural rhythms of play, you can end up with a more organized, peaceful and productive home.

What I Liked About it –Anyone promising to give me tricks to make motherhood easier has my undivided attention.

About the Author – Nelly is a mom who, like the rest of us, initially felt totally overwhelmed by motherhood. Her blog is her way of sorting through buys days, and finding time for meaningful connections.


What is the Blog About? – A parenting blog specifically dedicated to helping parents of children who have speech or language obstacles to overcome.

What I Liked About it –I love that this blog has such a specific focus, as the parents of children with speech or language issues have a very unique set of needs and requirements. The activities and projects on the site are all designed towards helping families make progress, plus Teepee Joy is featured on her blog too!

About the Author – Kristin is a speech and language pathologist hoping to share resources with educators and parents alike.


What is the Blog About? – One mom shares her personal journey through motherhood, and the helpful tips and tricks she has discovered along the way. She covers topics from newborns on up.

What I Liked About it –Even though the author is sharing her personal experiences, there’s never any sense that she is telling you that her way is the “right way.” This is a great resource for answers, but not a place where judgment or condescension lives.

About the Author – Nina began this blog when she herself was a new mom – hence the title “Sleeping Should Be Easy.” Something we all said when we were new moms.


What is the Blog About? – Play-based educational activities for kids ranging from just a few months old up through kindergarten.

What I Liked About it –I love how this blog comes up with activities for events you don’t even think about. For example, a “busy bag” for long car trips. How many times have I been 3 1/2 hours into a drive wishing I had thought of this earlier?

About the Author – Devany is a former teacher and mother of two now concentrating on her blog full-time. She brings all that great educational knowledge with her when she shares her ideas.


What is the Blog About? – Homeschooling resources, family, faith, and parenting.

What I Liked About it –Not every mommy blog is as upfront or frank about the challenges of being a single parent. I was happy to see it discussed so openly.

About the Author – Kim is a single mother of four who has chosen to homeschool her children. She has a background as a schoolteacher, but chose to transition her children due to seeing their various strengths in different areas.


What is the Blog About? – Mindfulness in parenting. There are great resources here for dealing with the emotional development of your children, and how to be present for all of it.

What I Liked About it –I love the expert tone of this blog. Sometimes, parents really need an expert to chime in.

About the Author – Ashley is a developmental psychologist who spent many years in practice before becoming a mother herself. She was surprised by the things that worried here, even after all her exposure to parents and children.

Louise and Jenni

What is the Blog About? –Crafting, recipes, seasonal fun, and activities for kids of all ages.

What I Liked About it – Their travel blogs are wonderful! Any parent thinking about traveling really wants to know one thing: How did the trip go with kids? They answer that question in each of their travel stories.

About the Author – Louise and Jenni decided to start a blog to showcase their love of crafting with their kids. They say they’re the kind of moms who spend “way too much time” on their kids’ Easter bonnets, and they’re a lot of fun.


What is the Blog About? –DIY, crafts, party ideas, and everyday parenting info that we all need.

What I Liked About it –The “Active Parenting” section. This is a great resource for new and meaningful ways to engage with your family during those moments where you feel lost. There are service project suggestions for teens, tips for making shy children more comfortable, and ways to improve everyone’s time management.

About the Author – Heidi is a retired teacher and mother to three daughters. She’s always had a knack for creativity.