11 Giraffe Nurseries That Brings The Wildlife In

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Giraffe Themed Nursery

A giraffe’s neutral colors, markings, and appeal make it an excellent decor theme. The neutral colors are pleasing to the eyes, making the room feel relaxing.

The markings give the room texture that creates visual depth. Lastly, its loveable appeal makes you want to hug these long-necked creatures.

Whether you’re planning for a boy, girl, or gender-neutral nursery, I have something that will make you adore giraffes even more.

So, take some notes as you and I wander through the wilderness, searching for the best giraffe-themed nursery.

1: Black and White with Bursts of Green

Source: @vda_designs

Whoever said that monochromatic nurseries are boring will change their minds if they see this space.

The giraffe holding the chandelier is one of the grandest accessories I have ever seen, and @vda_designs pulled it off.

Also, the mix of patterns in this room may be different, but it’s still from animal markings—creating harmony in the space. Everywhere you look, you’ll be in marvel!

2: Minimalist and Peaceful

This mama created a relaxing space that looks like a giraffe’s sanctuary. The design is simple yet peaceful.

You’ll want to snuggle with your little one! Also, I love that she added the leaf decals in the space. It’s an excellent way to add color to the room while staying in the theme.

3: Giraffes and Rainbows

Source: @ellafobister

A beautiful way of adding natural elements into a space is by using rattan. With the variety of these decors available, you would not have difficulty looking for pieces like this mama.

It even matches the giraffe’s color, making it the perfect room addition!

4: Abundance of Giraffes

This nursery got all the giraffes from figurine, large plush, and wall art—it may be a lot, but it does not overwhelm.

Instead, you’ll feel like walking into the wildlife! Also, I love how the crib’s colors match the giraffe theme and the wall’s color. It gives the room a sense of cohesiveness.

5: Into the Jungle

The subtleness of baby pink makes it one of the go-to choices in a girl’s nursery, and this mama’s design will make you want to paint your baby’s space pink.

I love how the different decor pieces feature the plant and animal life in the jungle. It’s the best way to bring the wildlife in!

6: Embracing Brown

This gender-neutral nursery is all about embracing natural elements, and you’ll see it all over! The atmosphere of this room is so calming; it’s calling you to stay.

Designs like this would grow with your little one, making it a perfect choice if you don’t want to redecorate again and again.

7: Whimsical Mural

Source: @happy_baes

Once you look at this room, you know who’s the star. Even the color palette used in this nursery has the same hues as the giraffe!

I love how the organic materials are present, especially the wooden beads chandelier. It condenses the light that passes through, which gives the room soft shadows adding texture to the room.

8: Peekaboo!

The peeping giraffe is an adorable way to add playfulness into the room. Any baby would sure enjoy this sight!

There may be a lot of shapes in this space, but it does not feel overwhelming. Each has its place, and the objects’ scale is the right proportion relative to the room. It’s a perfect balance!

9: Small space, big in style

You don’t need a lot of space for a nursery if you’re good as this mama! Despite the space constraints, she managed to design a beautiful nursery like this one.

Here’s a tip, using white in small rooms is the best color choice, especially if a lot of natural light enters the room. It reflects light and opens up the area.

10: Giraffe Prints

Source: @sarah.l.gibson

For this mama, decorating with giraffes will never be enough. Each corner you look at, you’ll see one.

In addition, the leopard print accent wall provides diversity to the space that beautifies the area even more. Little details really go a long way in decorating!

11: Green and Gray

Source: @ashleykoop4

Green and gray is a combination you did not know you needed. Green gives the room a fresh look, and on the other hand, the neutral gray pairs well with the hue that the green shade has.

Also, the shiplap texture of the walls is the ideal pair for furniture pieces. It completes the rustic farmhouse look.