How to Choose Wallpaper for a Themed Nursery (e.g., Jungle, Space, Fairy-tale)

Creating a nurturing and imaginative space for our little ones is not just about decorating a room—it’s about crafting an environment that inspires growth, creativity, and joy. As parents and guardians, we hold the brush that paints the backdrop of our children’s earliest memories and milestones.  This is why selecting the perfect wallpaper for their […]

Wallpaper and Lighting: Creating the Perfect Atmosphere in Nurseries

Imagine stepping into a nursery that doesn’t just welcome you, but envelops you in a world where every detail whispers tales of wonder and every corner lights up with the promise of dreams come true. This isn’t just any room; it’s a sanctuary designed with love, where every choice, from the wallpaper to the lighting, […]

Mixing and Matching Wallpaper with Nursery Decor

Imagine stepping into a nursery where every element sings in harmony, a realm where the walls and furnishings unite to weave a tale of enchantment and comfort for your newest family member. This isn’t just a room; it’s a world of wonder crafted with love, where every detail contributes to a chorus of beauty and […]

Wallpaper Safety: What Parents Need to Know

Creating the perfect sanctuary for our children, where imagination knows no bounds and safety is paramount, is a journey filled with love and care. As a parent myself, and with my heart and soul poured into interior design, I deeply understand the desires and concerns that come with decorating our little ones’ spaces. The walls […]

How to Seamlessly Update Wallpaper in a Child’s Growing Room

Imagine transforming your child’s room into a magical space that grows with them, full of color, imagination, and stories waiting to unfold.  It’s a place where dreams take flight, and the walls themselves encourage endless adventures. As a parent, watching your child grow and change is one of life’s greatest joys. Their room should be […]

DIY Wallpaper Installation: Tips and Tricks for Parents

Imagine transforming your child’s room into a magical space where their imagination can soar – all with a bit of DIY flair and some wallpaper! The joy of watching your child’s eyes light up as they step into a room tailored just for them is unmatched. But embarking on a wallpaper installation project can seem […]

The Best Wallpaper Patterns for Stimulating Your Baby’s Vision

Hello, dear parents! I’m Lee Orlian, co-founder of Teepee Joy. As an interior designer specializing in children’s spaces, I’ve witnessed the transformative power of decor. Today, I have a little secret to share with you: the right wallpaper can do wonders beyond beautifying your baby’s room. It plays a pivotal role in their visual development. […]

Guide to Wallpaper and Window Treatments: A Harmonious Nursery

Imagine a nursery where every detail whispers tales of wonder and joy, welcoming your little one into a world of imagination.  The colors, patterns, and textures come together in perfect harmony, creating not just a room, but a sanctuary of creativity and comfort. This is the magic of thoughtfully selected wallpaper and window treatments—elements that […]

The Role of Wallpapers in Sensory Rooms for Children

Welcome to a world where every detail is an opportunity to inspire and nurture. Imagine transforming your child’s sensory room into a magical oasis, a place where the walls themselves become gateways to imagination, where textures, colors, and patterns speak directly to the senses, fostering an environment of calm, creativity, and growth. I’m Lee Orlian, […]

Wallpaper Accents: Creative Touches for Kids’ Rooms

Imagine a space that not only grows with your child but also nurtures their creativity, dreams, and adventures at every turn.  A room that, with every glance, can ignite stories and dreams, serving as a canvas for the myriad chapters of their childhood. This isn’t just about decorating a room; it’s about crafting an evolving […]