Wallpaper Accents: Creative Touches for Kids’ Rooms

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

Imagine a space that not only grows with your child but also nurtures their creativity, dreams, and adventures at every turn. 

A room that, with every glance, can ignite stories and dreams, serving as a canvas for the myriad chapters of their childhood.

This isn’t just about decorating a room; it’s about crafting an evolving world that mirrors the whimsical journey from toddler giggles to the bold strides of the teens.

In this guide, I’ll unveil the secret to selecting wallpapers that effortlessly bridge the worlds of imagination and reality, crafting spaces that are as dynamic and vibrant as your child’s ever-changing dreams.

From the whimsical early years filled with fairy tales and dinosaurs to the more refined tastes of adolescence, discover how to create a backdrop that inspires, comforts, and grows through every milestone.

Join me in exploring the enchanting possibilities that lie in the thoughtful choice of wallpaper, transforming ordinary rooms into realms where imagination knows no bounds.

The Timeless Charm of Wallpaper: A Canvas for Childhood and Beyond

Little Lane Adventures – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

Wallpaper transcends mere decoration; it becomes the stage upon which the stories of your child’s life unfold. 

This magical layer doesn’t just cover walls—it envelops your little one in a world ripe for exploration, curiosity, and growth.

In my journey through interior design and crafting spaces for the imagination to thrive, I’ve come to see wallpaper as a pivotal element in nurturing a child’s creativity, providing a backdrop against which their fantasies and dreams can take flight.

Choosing the right wallpaper design is akin to selecting a companion for your child’s journey from the enchanting realms of infancy through the complex landscapes of teenage years.

It’s about finding patterns and colors that spark joy and wonder in the early days, yet hold a timeless charm that adapts as they grow.

In our collection, for example, you’ll find designs that are rich in story and spirit. A whimsical forest scene that might inspire toddler tales of adventure can also serve as a serene sanctuary for a teen seeking tranquility.

Similarly, a pattern filled with stars and galaxies evolves from a backdrop for childhood dreams of space exploration to a sophisticated motif that fuels a teenager’s aspirations for the future.

The art of selecting the perfect wallpaper involves envisioning the space not just as it is now, but as it will be in the years to come.

It’s about striking a balance between playful and polished, ensuring the room’s decor grows with your child.

Our designs, from the gentle grace of fairies and unicorns to the bold spirits of dinosaurs and outer space, are crafted to inspire and delight at every age. 

They offer not just a decoration, but a rich tapestry of imagination and possibility.

In embracing the timeless charm of wallpaper, we invite our children to dream, explore, and grow within spaces that reflect their unique personalities and journeys.

This is the essence of creating a room that truly grows with your child—a space that remains a beloved part of their world, through every chapter of their story.

Selecting the Perfect Wallpaper: A Guide to Crafting Dreamy Spaces

Meadow Bounds – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

As you embark on this journey to create a space that’s as unique and vibrant as your child, the array of wallpapers at your fingertips is like a treasure chest of possibilities. 

Each pattern, each color, represents a doorway to new worlds of wonder and imagination, waiting to become a part of your child’s everyday adventures.

From the serene whispers of mystical fairies to the bold roars of daring dinosaurs, our collection is designed to spark joy and creativity in every young explorer.

Choosing the right wallpaper is about more than just picking a design; it’s about tuning into your child’s evolving tastes and interests. As your little one grows, so too do their preferences and passions.

A toddler mesmerized by the enchanting world of unicorns might find themselves drawn to the vast mysteries of outer space in their later years. This is why selecting a wallpaper that can adapt and grow with them is so crucial.

Our designs are crafted to inspire stories and dreams at every stage, providing a backdrop that’s as dynamic as your child’s imagination.

But beauty is not our only concern; the quality and safety of our materials stand at the forefront of our designs. 

In a world where environmental consciousness and health are more important than ever, choosing high-quality, eco-friendly wallpaper materials is essential.

Our wallpapers are not just visually stunning; they are made from safe, non-toxic materials that ensure your child’s room is not only beautiful but also a safe haven.

Whether you prefer the ease and versatility of peel-and-stick options or the traditional charm of non-woven wallpapers, our products are designed to meet both aesthetic desires and practical needs.

Moreover, we understand that a child’s room is a space for play, learning, and rest, making durability and ease of maintenance key factors in your decision-making process. 

Our wallpapers are crafted to withstand the test of time, with easy-to-clean surfaces that make those inevitable little mishaps a breeze to wipe away.

Selecting the perfect wallpaper is a journey of imagination, care, and consideration. It’s about creating a space that reflects your child’s personality and passions while ensuring their environment is as safe and nurturing as possible.

With our enchanting range of designs and commitment to quality, we invite you to explore the possibilities and find the perfect backdrop for your child’s growing world.


Practical Tips for Long-Lasting Decor: Ensuring Beauty and Durability

Forest Fables – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

When embarking on the transformative journey of redecorating your child’s room with wallpaper, it’s essential to marry the ideals of beauty and durability. 

Your chosen designs should not only captivate and inspire but also stand resilient through the whirlwind of childhood.

This balance ensures that the spaces we curate for our little ones remain timeless, offering a sanctuary that evolves alongside them.

Measuring for Perfection

Accuracy in measuring your space is the cornerstone of selecting the right amount of wallpaper. It ensures that the enchanting designs you choose wrap seamlessly around the room, creating a cohesive and immersive world.

To begin, measure the width of your wall in inches, adding a few extra inches to accommodate any irregularities or future adjustments. 

Then, divide this number by 24 (the standard width of our wallpaper rolls in inches) to determine the exact number of rolls needed.

Always round up to the nearest whole number to ensure you have enough material for a flawless finish. For instance, if your calculation results in 4.2, it’s wise to order 5 rolls.

Moreover, considering an extra 10-15% of wallpaper can safeguard against any installation mishaps and ensure complete coverage, preserving the magical allure of your chosen design without interruption.

Sampling: The Key to a Perfect Match

Before committing to a full room transformation, exploring our wallpaper samples offers a glimpse into how a design complements the existing decor and lighting of your child’s room. 

This step is crucial in selecting a wallpaper that not only meets your aesthetic expectations but also resonates with the ambiance you wish to create.

Sampling allows you to experience the texture, color, and overall feel of the wallpaper in person, ensuring it perfectly aligns with your vision for the space. 

It’s a small step that can significantly impact the outcome, guaranteeing that the chosen design becomes a beloved part of your child’s room.

Maintaining the Magic

The longevity of your wallpaper also hinges on its maintenance. Our high-quality, durable wallpapers are designed for easy care, ensuring that the vibrant colors and intricate patterns remain as enchanting as the day they were installed.

Simple cleaning with a damp cloth can remove the traces of daily life, keeping the walls fresh and inviting. 

This ease of maintenance means that the magical spaces we craft for our children will continue to spark joy and wonder, without the added worry of wear and tear.

Incorporating these practical tips into your decorating plan ensures that the wallpaper you choose not only transforms your child’s room into a realm of imagination but also stands as a durable and lasting addition to their growing world.

The Joy of Easy Installation: A Hassle-Free Transformation

Elephant Eden – Kids and Nursery Room Wallpaper by Teepee Joy

The moment has arrived to breathe new life into your child’s room, and with our easy-to-follow guidelines, this transformation journey is not only achievable but genuinely enjoyable.

The thought of installing wallpaper can often seem daunting, but we’ve streamlined the process to ensure that it’s a gratifying project you can take pride in.

Whether you opt for the convenience of our peel-and-stick wallpaper or the classic choice of traditional wallpaper, we’ve got you covered with tips that guarantee a smooth and successful application.

Peel-and-Stick Wallpaper: Simplify Your DIY Project

For those seeking a straightforward, no-fuss installation, our peel-and-stick wallpaper is the perfect choice. Begin by ensuring your wall is clean, dry, and smooth. 

Then, simply peel the backing off the wallpaper, align it with your wall, and apply it from top to bottom, smoothing out any bubbles or wrinkles with the included squeegee.

The beauty of peel-and-stick wallpaper lies in its forgiving nature; if you’re not happy with the initial placement, you can easily reposition it to achieve that perfect fit.

This flexibility makes it an ideal option for renters or anyone looking to frequently update their decor without leaving any residue or damage to the walls.

Traditional Wallpaper: Achieving a Timeless Look

For those who prefer the durability and long-lasting charm of traditional wallpaper, our guidelines ensure a seamless installation process. 

Start by applying a uniform layer of wallpaper paste to the wall, working in sections if you’re covering a large area.

Next, carefully position your wallpaper on the wall, using the squeegee to smooth out any air bubbles and secure the paper in place. 

With traditional wallpaper, it’s all about taking your time to ensure each piece aligns perfectly with the next, creating a flawless continuous design that wraps your child’s room in magic.


1. Can I order a wallpaper sample before making a full purchase?

Absolutely! We highly recommend ordering a wallpaper sample to ensure you’re completely satisfied with the design, texture, and color before committing to a full purchase.

Samples allow you to see and feel the quality of our products firsthand and visualize how the wallpaper will complement your space. You can order XL (24″x24″) samples directly from each product listing for a small fee.

2. How do I measure my wall to know how many rolls of wallpaper I need?

To accurately measure your wall, start by measuring its width in inches. Then, add a couple of extra inches to account for any irregularities.

Divide this number by 24 (the width of our wallpaper rolls in inches) to determine how many rolls you’ll need. Always round up to the nearest whole number to ensure you have enough wallpaper.

For example, if you calculate you need 4.2 rolls, it’s best to order 5 rolls. We also recommend ordering an extra 10-15% of wallpaper to account for any installation mistakes and ensure full coverage.

3. Is the wallpaper easy to install and remove?

Yes! Our peel-and-stick wallpaper is designed for easy installation and removal. It can be applied smoothly without professional help, and if you need to adjust the placement, you can simply peel it off and reapply.

This makes it an excellent option for renters or anyone who loves to change their decor frequently.

While the process for traditional wallpaper is more permanent, we provide clear instructions and a squeegee to help ensure a smooth installation.

4. Can the wallpaper be used in any room, including bathrooms and kitchens?

Our wallpaper is suitable for most interior spaces, including bedrooms, playrooms, and nurseries. 

However, it’s important to note that our wallpaper is not recommended for use in areas with high humidity over 50%, such as bathrooms or kitchens.

For these spaces, we suggest exploring other decorating options that are specifically designed to withstand moisture.

5. What if I make a mistake during installation or need more wallpaper?

Mistakes happen, and we understand that! If you find yourself needing more wallpaper due to a mistake or underestimation, we recommend ordering additional rolls as soon as possible.

Keep in mind that slight color variations may exist between different batches, so ordering extra wallpaper with your initial purchase is best to ensure a perfect match.

If you’re unsure about the installation process or have any concerns, don’t hesitate to reach out for advice or consider scheduling a consultation for personalized guidance.

Final Thoughts and Next Steps

As we draw our guide to a close, it’s clear that transforming your child’s room with the perfect wallpaper is much more than a decorating project—it’s a journey of imagination, love, and shared dreams.

By choosing a design that grows with your child, ensuring durability and ease of maintenance, and embracing the simplicity of installation, you’re not just creating a room; you’re crafting a haven where your child can dream, play, and grow.

Remember, the perfect space evolves over time, reflecting the unique journey of every child. 

Our collection is designed to inspire and delight, with options that cater to every phase of childhood and beyond.

From mystical fairies to daring dinosaurs, our wallpapers are more than just designs; they’re invitations to adventure, creativity, and wonder.

If you’re feeling inspired but unsure where to start, we’re here to help. Explore our collection, order swatches to find your perfect match, or schedule a video consultation to receive personalized advice and support.

Our goal is to make the process of creating your child’s dream room as enjoyable and fulfilling as the outcome.

In crafting spaces that spark imagination, Teepee Joy is more than a brand; we’re your partner in design. 

We invite you to join our community of dreamers and decorators, sharing in the joy of creating magical, lasting spaces for the little ones we cherish.

Let’s embark on this creative journey together, transforming dreams into reality, one wallpaper at a time.