9 Adventure Themed Kids Room Decor You Should Try for Your Little One

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

The world is full of adventure, isn’t it? Perhaps that’s why so many parents feel drawn to the adventure themed kids room when planning a DIY overhaul, or a redecorating project.

There are so many cool ideas you could incorporate into this kind of decor. Perhaps a tent or a play teepee for the little camping enthusiast in your life. Perhaps some mountains for the little one who’s always climbing on everything. Perhaps a giant world map for your little wanderer.

There’s plenty of inspiration out there when it comes to children’s rooms, but it can still be hard to narrow down your ideas and come up with a concrete plan. That’s exactly why we went out in search of some of the best examples of adventure themed kids rooms we could find, and brought them here to you.

Check out the pictures below and see which ones speak to you. There might be an idea in here that suddenly brings your vision to light. We hope so! Take these ideas and run with them as you embark on your own adventure.

Talk about an accent wall! We are just over the moon for Charlotte’s clever take on an animal-themed room over at @our_home_in_wiltshire. The world map not only acts as a focal point, but now every stuffed animal in the room is suddenly “on brand.” Amazing! For more inspired decor pics, be sure to follow us!

Ashley over at @fontainefarmhouse has a lovely example of how to give a room a theme, even when sticking to a limited color palette. Warm neutrals dominate this outdoorsy room, making it the perfect canvas for changing decor as the kids grow up.

We love it when a room goes bold with their color choices, and so does Dyana over at @nannakakes. Orange, taupe, and shades of blue look great against the softer neutrals in this room. For more cool kids room ideas, be sure to follow us!

There’s a lot to love in this room by Nicole at @my_persimmon_home. Contrasting primaries like blue and yellow are nicely evened out by neutral grays. Also, how sweet is the elephant and mountain theme?

Annwen at @august.and.june took a play teepee (which we obviously love) and worked it beautifully into an outdoor adventure themed room. We just love how the pink fabric evens out the bold black and white motif on the wall.

No, this isn’t a trendy NYC atrist’s loft – it’s a kid’s bedroom, and we’re here for it! A green-gray accent wall is punctuated by black and white artwork that would work perfectly in the room of a 2-year old, or a 22-year old. We love this ageless design by @studio57.by!

Fawn at @alwayschasinglife made outstanding use of a play teepee in this outdoor adventure-themed room. We can’t get over that exposed wood accent wall. Natural surfaces like that can add so much character to a room.

“If you need me, I’ll be in my teepee.” LOL! Sounds like us! We’re loving the different grays and whites used in this room by @rachsomp. It looks bright, airy, open and totally modern. You can see this room “growing up” with the kids.

We just love it when the room is designed around the children using it. Izabella at @decor.petit has created an open, airy, and fun space meant to spark creativity and a sense of adventure.