5 Steps to Measure Curtains for Kids’ Rooms & Nurseries

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.

How to Measure for Curtains with Confidence

Curtains add character, depth, and warmth to a kids’ room or nursery, helping to create a space that makes them feel safe, cozy, and even inspired.

Curtains also support healthy sleep habits by blocking light, sound, and temperature flow from the outdoors.

Both aesthetically pleasing and functional, curtains are an essential element of any kids’ room design. And that design depends on curtain measurements!

Curtain measurements affect not only style but also functionality and safety.

Incorrect measurements can lead to light seeping through, noise pollution, temperature fluctuations, and safety hazards for children. Not to mention an undesirable appearance.

That’s why I’ve broken down how to measure for curtains into 5 easy steps that make it manageable for any parent who wants to give their child a safe and cozy refuge.

With the following 5 steps, you can avoid the mistakes other parents make and instead:

1. Determine Mounting Technique

Do you want to hang your curtains outside or inside the window frame? Each technique offers a different aesthetic and affects how you measure in the following steps.

Outside Mount

2. Determine Rod Height and Length

Hanging curtain rods higher and wider than the window frame can make the window, and even the room, seem larger.

Just how high depends on trim and personal preference, though the standards are 4”-6” above the window frame and 3”-6” past either side.

Above Trim Mount

3. Choose Length Style

Determining the curtain length depends on the length style, which is where you want the bottom of the curtains to land.

For safety reasons, you don’t want curtains that are too long or too close to a bed or crib where the child could become entangled.

Length Style - Kiss

4. Calculate Curtain Length

You’ll need to do a little math in this step but, don’t worry, I’ll provide the simple equations for each style of curtain length. You’ll soon have exact measurements for your child’s curtains!

Length Style - Sill

5. Calculate Curtain Width Based on Desired Fullness

Total curtain width depends on whether you want your curtains to be billowy, pulled nearly flat, or somewhere in between. Here are rules of thumb for each degree of fullness:

Fullness Guide

Who Hasn’t Dreamed of a Magazine-Worthy Room for Their Child?

Whether you’re decorating a nursery or playroom, this is your chance to create a  magazine-worthy design that will inspire your children and awe your visitors.

Anyone can use curtains to elevate their interior design, be it a professional decorator or a stay-at-home mom.

You should be able to measure, select a design, and hang curtains like a professional:

As the founder of the kids’ decor and curtain shop, Teepee Joy, I have years of experience assisting and supporting parents with design projects.

I’ve seen the mistakes parents make and heard all the questions that arise when it comes to curtains.

That’s why I created an Ultimate Curtain Guide with everything you need to know about curtains for your kids’ room or nursery, including different styles, design and safety tips, and how-to guides for each step of the process.

Over 3,000 Curtains Hung & Happy Parents

Interior design is my true passion and I sincerely enjoy helping other parents with their projects. 

As a mom myself, I understand the desire to create a personalized space for your children that makes them feel special and safe.

I am lucky that I get to practice what I love doing every day. Bringing ideas into creation is what drove me to choose design as a profession and to open my small shop in Chicago.

That small shop has grown, I strongly believe, because of my dedication to my customers.


“First of all, let me say that working with Lee was awesome…” -Laurie W.


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I put myself in my customers’ shoes because I am in their shoes. I am a parent just like you, and want to do right by my kids, too. And that means doing right by you.

At Teepee Joy, parents can take on the role of interior designers. This Ultimate Curtain Guide gives parents the confidence to select, measure, and install curtains without making costly mistakes.

Teepee Joy’s shop - Lee is putting together a swatch pack to be shipped to a customer

What's Inside the Guide?

This complete guide earns its name by providing sound advice with actionable, step-by-step guidance to complete your project in no time, and LOVE the end result.

Put simply: it’s everything a parent needs to “do curtains right”.

Inside You’ll Learn:

All Teepee Joy Products are American-made and completely kid-friendly.

I care about making products that are safe and durable for your kids– and support our community. That’s why we use non toxic materials that are produced near my hometown in Illinois.

You can apply that same thoughtfulness to your design choices for your kids’ room or nursery. I teach you how in the Ultimate Curtain Guide.

While the guide covers everything you need to know, it still helps to have a helping hand in reach.

I’m happy to offer my hand in support while you transform your child’s room into a dreamy sanctuary.

I am here to answer questions, provide free swatches, and even create digital mock-ups of what your selected design will look like in your child’s actual room.

From one parent to another, you can do this! You can transform your kids’ room into a special place, designed entirely with love.

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Amar, Teepee Joy’s Customer