7 Paw-some Dog-themed Nursery Ideas for Pet Lovers

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
7 Paw-some Dog-themed Nursery Ideas for Pet Lovers

You don’t have to look any further if you still have not decided on what nursery theme to choose for your little one’s room.

These nurseries will give you ideas on how to make your furry family member not just a star in your heart but also a room theme.

Feast your eyes on these nurseries that I have curated. Whether you’re looking for a space with warm, cool, or neutral colors, you’ll find a room that would inspire you to start your decorating journey!

1: Golden Retriever Themed Nursery

Source: @alexa.at.home

If you think that Golden Retrievers can’t get any cuter, wait until you see this nursery!

The wallpaper looks like it’s made for this space, and the colors in the room are consistent with it. The area may be small, but it doesn’t look cramped.

It has everything that the baby needs without compromising style.

2: Who let the dogs out?

Source: @larahinga

I’m sure you’ll love this room if the whole family can’t get enough of dogs! Hints of gold spread across a room transform it into an elegant space, as seen in this space.

The vintage look of the crib and the lines from the light and frames makes it look like a fusion between the classic and modern style. 

3: Traditional Nursery Room

Classics never go out of style, and this space proves that. You don’t need to create an accent wall to transform a room into a themed nursery.

Instead, you can add some adorable wall arts with frames that match the room’s look like these, and you are set!

4: Baby and Maltipoo's Abode

The accent wall will be the first detail that will catch your eye. But the more you look, you will realize there’s so much more in this nursery.

Each decor piece is dog-themed, but the puppy-themed mobile is my favorite. With its cuteness, I can’t stop staring at it!

5: Dalmatian Themed Nursery

Source: @kate.zappa

If you’re looking for a gender-neutral look for your little one’s room, consider this nursery as an inspiration!

The dalmatian-themed artwork is a whimsical statement piece, and it matches the neutral-colored look of the room.

In addition, the rug and the ottoman are a nice touch to bring in texture, which completes the space.

6: Basset Hound, Llama, and Cactus Themed Nursery

This room bursts personality from the warm yellow paint to the teal-colored basset hound and cactus printed accent wall.

The space feels inviting, and you’d never want to leave. There may be many characters in this room, but all are visually represented as you look around!

7: Red, White, and Blue Nursery Room

Source: @kaliemcassady

There may be a lot of patterns in this room, but the colors white and blue bring them together.

In decorating with patterns, it’s best to choose those with the same color scheme so the room will look cohesive and not overwhelming.

Also, I love that this mama decided to add red as the third color in this space. It breaks the monotony of the room.