15 Rawr-somely Appealing Dinosaur-themed Nurseries

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
5 Rawr-somely Appealing Dinosaur-themed Nurseries

Teaching your little ones about dinosaurs will spark their imaginations even when they get older.⁣

There may not be any of these magnificent living beasts left, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get a prehistoric feel in your baby’s room.

Discover a dinosaur’s life with your babe with the dino-decor theme!

These rooms are a perfect inspiration if you’ve been on the hunt for dinosaur-themed nurseries.

So grab your glue and scissors, and get ready to add new photos to your mood board for your baby boy or your baby girl’s room!

1: Accent Wall + Dinosaurs

Some people have a hard time deciding what theme they should decorate their little one’s room, but not these parents – and you can see it in how they decorated this nursery.

The different shades of green are all over the decor, and the best color to tie the look of the room is the forest green accent wall.

The vines are a nice touch. It gives the room a natural look.

2: Triangles + Dinosaurs

Adding patterns is another way to add elements, and you should always consider the scale of the pattern relative to the room.

These triangles’ size is just right, and it does not overpower the room’s look. You’ll still be drawn to the dinosaurs, especially the crocheted baby mobile.

It’s so adorable; I want to use it in my next room project!

3: Modern Farmhouse + Dinosaurs

I love how this mama incorporated the dino theme into the modern farmhouse style. The dinosaur wallpaper is a nice whimsical touch to add character to the space.

All of the furniture matches, creating a sense of cohesiveness. The overall look of this nursery is practical yet beautiful!

4: 2-toned Walls + Dinosaurs

In designing any room in the house, the essential part is functionality.

This nursery got it—space where the baby can practice crawling, a mini chair, and a diaper changing station.

All set until the baby is a toddler. The dinosaur details may be small and subtle, but the room is big in style!

5: Cool Colors + Dinosaurs

The mirrored cabinet is an excellent way to add texture to a room, and it’s also an effective way of reflecting light, making the room brighter than it is.

If you think that mirrored furniture is outdated, this room contradicts it. The cool colors paired with beige make this nursery balanced.

Also, I love how the colors mint and blue are integrated into the room through accessories.

6: Transitional + Dinosaurs

Source: @georgiemulv

If you think dinosaurs are only for a boy’s room, this nursery will change your mind. This mom did not only use the wallpaper for the accent wall but also framed it as wall art.

What a clever idea! The pops of green from the chair and dinosaurs add layers to the room, making it lively.

7: Inspiring Words + Dinosaurs

Source: @alexismarie55

You can never go wrong with green, especially when decorating a dinosaur-themed room! The wall arts in this room are my favorite.

It’s the perfect way to integrate encouraging words into a child’s room. Also, the vertical lines in this room make it appear wider. It’s a great way to add depth to the room, aside from its sleek look.

8: Orange + Dinosaurs

Don’t be afraid to use bold colors in decorating a baby’s room, as this mama did.

You won’t get disappointed with the results! The fuzzy rug is a nice finishing touch that adds coziness to the room, and the furry family agrees!

9: Colorful + Dinosaurs

The color palette of this nursery makes me smile. It’s super adorable, and I’m here for it! Proof that it’s not always the color green that is the star when decorating a dino-themed room.

The tatami chair is an awesome addition; you’ll want to sit on it and look at your baby while she sleeps.

The arched wallpaper design is one way to save on wallpaper. Sometimes, less is more!

10: Modern Minimalist + Dinosaur

Get points from this modern minimalist nursery if you don’t want to deal with clutter.

This design is perfect for busy parents. It has everything that a baby needs, and it does not forget about style.

Also, you will get your money’s worth because this room would grow with your little one. You don’t have to compromise in decorating a nursery to be stylish!

11: Footprints + Dinosaurs

The footprint decals add a whimsical touch to this nursery. It’s like a dinosaur explored the room! The drawers under the crib are a nifty way to add storage.

A baby’s stuff accumulates over time, and you can never have enough storage space—less clutter and pleasing to the eyes.

12: Natural Neutrals + Dinosaurs

Source: @nicgalea_

The easiest way to incorporate design in a nursery is by adding decals. It’s not challenging to put up, unlike wallpapers.

Also, it is a perfect choice if you don’t own the space you are decorating since it is effortless to remove.

The materials used in this room make it feel cozy and inviting. The plant details are another way to add natural elements to this room.

Overall, despite the simplicity of this room, everything looks superb!

13: Scandinavian + Dinosaur

A bright and airy nursery will freshen up a baby’s and the parent’s mood – what this space offers.

The materials from the decor give this room a nice natural look, and it makes the room feel comfy.

The mural is a straightforward way to add the dinosaur theme into the room without worrying about adding more items making the space free from clutter!

14: Nursery Corner + Dinosaurs

Even when you don’t have an extra room in your home, you can still give your little one a nursery corner like these parents did.

The wooden name sign provides the corner with a personalized touch, and it’s just what it needs to complete the look.

Also, check out the book choices for this little one. Someone’s going to grow up to be a bookworm!

15: Mid-century Modern + Dinosaur

Source: @labellanicole1

This nursery is like Jurassic Park turned into life with its dinosaur-themed decor.

I love how the rug ties the room’s look, and it feels like it’s made for this space. This mama knows her way of curating decor items!

The combination of acrylic and wood finish of the crib is a statement piece. An excellent way to splurge!