11 Chic and Functional Above Changing Table Decor

Written by Lee Orlian
Interior designer & co-founder of Teepee Joy.
Above Changing Table Decor

Expecting your little bundle of joy’s arrival is one of the most exciting feelings in the world. You have to prepare by reading tons of baby books, attending birthing classes, and planning a baby’s room.

In planning a nursery, you also have to keep function in mind. Aside from the design, you have to consider the space’s essentials, furniture, and layout.

Here are 11 ideas on how to make your little one’s room not just chic but also functional. These nursery rooms will give you creative ideas on how to style your baby’s above changing table.

So, scroll through and get your DIY materials ready!

1: Boho Nursery Room

This baby girl can have a different hair accessory every day, looking at the available headband options. Even the hairbrushes, changing pad, and rattle has an organic touch!

Also, the overall look of her changing table perfectly matches the boho room theme. So, if you need tips on how to style a boho-themed room, you should follow this mama!

2: Coastal Boho Nursery Room

Source: @lindaalicia

The changing area is not only stylish but everything accessible! The essential ointments and the garbage bin are within arm’s reach for diaper time. You don’t have to look for stuff, saving you time and effort.

Also, the rattan dresser is the best style for this nursery. It adds a natural touch to the room’s theme of being close to nature.

3: Fresh-looking Nursery Room

The freshness of the outside is brought inside this nursery. The colors green, white, and brown make you feel closer to nature. You can even see nature’s elements on the changing table and around the space—the live plants complete the fresh look!

4: Gender-Neutral Nursery Room

Source: @maddy_athome

No matter how small, you can always make a space functional as this mama did. There is a lot of storage despite the room’s size. Perfect for hiding clutter out of sight in the nursery!

Also, the storage baskets, decors, and most of the toys are made of sustainable materials. Way to go in helping the earth be plastic-free!

5: Sunny Nursery Room

Source: @kevindrewyor

The changing table is in a perfect location—near the light switch and the closet, making everything accessible! Also, I love how there is a place where you can hang the baby’s onesies.

So, aside from convenience, mom and dad could easily plan out outfits for the little one.

6: Midcentury Nursery Room

Source: @lexi.senic

The closet turned into a diaper corner is a great idea to conceal the changing table and maximize the room’s space. However, even if the diaper corner is hidden, this mama didn’t forget to style it!

The rainbow light isn’t just decor, but it can also serve as a light for late-night diaper changes.

7: Ear-resistible Nursery Room

One way to style creatively is by using books. The books are consistent with the colors you can see in the nursery, which gives harmony to the room.

The lampshade does not only serve as a mood light, but it can also help with late-night diaper changes. Also, check out the bunny-head handles in the drawer. Such a creative way to add whimsy to the room!

8: Wild West Nursery Room

Source: @tiff.pawloski

Adding the board and batten is one creative way to add visual interest to a room. The different wall arts perfectly introduce the elements of the wild west.

The cactus decor, metal organizer, and lamp are superb choices to fill up the space beside the changing pad. Overall, the room may be simple, but everything looks stylish!

9: Flower-filled Nursery Room

The gold accents of the changing table make it look so classy, and the wallpaper behind heightens it. The changing station is not only stylish but chic!

If you look closely, the easy-to-access diapers and toiletries are the real star of this set-up. Both mom and dad will never have a hard time looking for the essentials!

10: Scandi-boho Nursery Room

Displaying ultrasound photos and gender-reveal cards is a great way to spruce up a space, particularly a changing tabletop.

Seeing memorabilia like these when changing your little one takes you back to when you received the good news of having a baby and knowing the gender, which makes you relive the heartwarming memories.

Sometimes, things like these are better than wall arts!

11: Blushing Nursery Room

Source: @fimaandgila

Each decor piece on the shelves beside the changing table is well thought out and screams luxury. The metal balloon dog sculpture does not only add a whimsical touch to the space, but it also adds texture.

Everything flawlessly fits the nursery’s overall feel. This space would definitely grow with the little one; even grown-ups would love having these decor pieces!