Design a Beautiful and Safe Nursery With My Step-By-Step Guide

Welcome! I’m so glad you discovered this in-depth yet easily-digestible guide. I honestly think that this is the best (free) nursery design guide you’ll find online. Get ready for lots of practical, actionable, and fun information to help you design the perfect nursery. In the following 14 bite-size chapters, we will cover every aspect of […]

Designing the Perfect Nursery: Latest Trends and Must-Have Features

For being so small, babies need a lot of stuff, and much of it tends to be quite expensive. From a crib to a changing table to a rocking chair, big-ticket items can quickly eat up a budget. However, it’s the small details that make a nursery feel like home. You might think your budget […]

Butterfly Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – Flutter High

Hey everyone! I created a simple nursery that looks straight out of a fairytale book but nothing that screams “too childish.” I chose pieces that have a traditional and modern feel and came up with this transitional nursery. The crib and dresser’s vintage look gives a charming vibe that compliments the color blush, which is […]

Nautical Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – Get Nauti-cal

My inspiration for this nursery is this stunning stork wallpaper. I chose the furniture and other decor pieces to complement the wallpaper’s colors. The sleek and simple crib, defined by clean lines, is the perfect centerpiece for the nursery’s contemporary look. The whale-printed crib quilt adds an underwater nautical element. The black-colored details add a […]

Colorful Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – Colorful Life

One of the fun things about designing nurseries is you are free to play with color. The joyful feeling that a colorful space radiates inspired me to create this design. If you want the walls to appear higher, the small-scale herringbone pattern of this wallpaper will create that illusion. The blue and white colors also […]

Gingham Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – Checkers and Blue

When I worked on this design, I visualized what nursery theme would look best in a farmhouse-themed house, resulting in this traditional nursery. A classic look like this will never go out of style. I chose a gingham wallpaper to add visual drama to the space. The crib and dresser’s timeless design and white finish […]

Floral Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – Elegant Floras

The feeling of missing spring led me to create this nursery that is full of blooms. I also love creating rooms where pink is dominant since it’s such a beautiful color for a baby girl’s room. The floral accent wallpaper is the best backdrop for this setup. The white background makes the colors of each […]

Nature Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – A Walk in the Park

The strolls in the park with my daughters inspired me to create this space. It reminds me to cherish good and simple times with them, so I decided to preserve that memory through this room design. The lush tree design of the wallpaper mural creates a space that will make you feel close to nature. […]

Safari Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – Wildlife Safari Experience

My daughter’s love for animals inspired me to create a design that depicts animals in their natural habitat. Supporting their passion for wildlife is important since it’s one way of making them value the environment. The animal-themed accent wallpaper sets up the scene of a safari adventure. In addition, I chose colors close to nature […]

Forest Nursery Room Design | Shop the Look – Forest Stroll

My youngest daughter is fond of being read storybooks before bedtime, and one of her top picks is stories about animals. Reading a lot of stories whose main characters are animals inspired me to create this design. You don’t always have to use wallpaper in designing an accent wall. Sometimes, you only need a wall […]